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Interact with people! Fast-paced, highly active socializing server. Always active in voice & text chats. Check us out!






ChillZone is a chatting server designed with the purpose to make it easier to connect with new people and friends.

  • Large community of gamers
  • You automatically get rewarded with in-server currency every time you vote
  • Over 100 voice channels you can use, along with commands to create custom voice channels
  • 3 constantly active text chats with tons of people to talk to, girls AND guys
  • Custom bot with tons of features that range from casino games (like gambling and slots) to a whole gangs minigame where you can create a gang, kidnap other users, upgrade your base, rob other gangs, and much more
  • Variety of different channels such as the very first confessions channel on Discord, a pokecord channel, a compliments channel, a selfie channel, and more
  • Organized staff promotion system to make becoming staff a smooth and clear process
  • Advanced bot moderation features such as a revolutionary help menu and reporting system

And much more. Come check us out!


User Reviews


Based on 101 reviews

avatar of Koyo
Koyo 5 months ago

ive been on the server for about a quarter of a year now and i can say that this server is the place to go for new experiences i'm a active person in vc has 3 active chats and 90 active voice chats this server is amazing!


avatar of toast
toast 6 months ago

pleases my standards


avatar of Sami
Sami 5 months ago

Just joined my looks good and friendly


avatar of bigbundacartier
bigbundacartier 5 months ago

just joining and i'm definitely staying. Seems cool with a bunch of people to chat with.


avatar of orlani?!
orlani?! 5 months ago

great server, helped me a lot with my problems. Met many friends, its always active. Three different chats so you don’t get tired of one. I love it!


avatar of Bry
Bry 5 months ago

Would highly recommend this server for people who are looking to main a new server. You can make a lot of friends here in chat and vc. We have a lot to offer and it doesn't get old.


avatar of Kokos
Kokos 5 months ago

Nice server to met new people and just talk... Yeeea


avatar of 리지
리지 5 months ago

Yes, made new friends and its awesome cause im new in discord


avatar of Ooflet
Ooflet 5 months ago

Fun and epic server, has a great community and great for wasting extra time.


avatar of Ѥᕮ
Ѥᕮ 5 months ago

its a lot of fun


avatar of thespeedygamer7
thespeedygamer7 1 month ago

it good server it relly active server i am active person on it