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20x Nitro Giveaway + $50 PayPal Giveaway <3

To start 2021 on a good note, we are giving 20x Discord Nitro's (More Throughout the Month) and an additional $50 PayPal Giveaway. Make sure to check out the server, as we have just released our points economy through our custom bot with amazing features and cool cosmetics in the shop. Have an amazing time :^)

Announcement published

Jet's Dream World is a chatting server with over 385.000 members on discord. With hundreds of people from all over the world in voice and text channels to chill and vibe with.

β€’ Automatically get rewarded for talking in the server with in-server currency or everytime you vote.

β€’ Constantly Active Chats & Voice Calls where you can talk to TONS of people.

β€’ A Custom Bot with a custom server economy to keep you busy the whole time you are in the server either from talking to others or just having fun with the custom commands we have in our bot.

β€’ Variety of different channels of your likings like pets, art, confessions, selfies, etc. And self assignable roles, choose roles which best describe you like gender, age, interests, etc.

β€’ Hundreds of dollars worth of giveaways throughout every month.

User Reviews


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avatar of Miso
Miso 3 months ago

Amazing server and with a community that welcomes all the users. It's also very easy to integrate into the community and the events hosted by the admins of the server is splendid as well.


avatar of KS
KS 2 months ago

Epic server with very cute pepe designs with the best pepe emojis. Actively moderated with insanely active chats! Appreciated the work :D


avatar of jesusឡ
jesusឡ 3 months ago

Epic server with tons of Pepe emotes :000. Also hella giveaways are op :))))))) 10/10


avatar of soup
soup 3 months ago

Very great server so many emotes


avatar of mynameisnotmarc
mynameisnotmarc 3 months ago

Amazing Server. Dope community . Giveaways are dope too espcially the 1 year nitro gw going rn.they also have that 30-nitro-lb so thats cool. and the emotes are really nice imo. 5 stars from them (oo and the staff team is nice and responds to your queries)


avatar of giadat
giadat 3 months ago

Best server in the whole entire Discord world 😍😍


avatar of dylann
dylann 3 months ago

Keep making more peepo emotes please!!!


avatar of Toaster
Toaster 3 months ago

Pog Server, I love that its all about pepe B)


avatar of Ecto
Ecto 2 months ago

GΔ°ve mE NΔ°tRO OR yoU WΔ°ll have Bad luCk FOr 31 YeARS


avatar of Its Jun not Dun
Its Jun not Dun 3 months ago

hi pls can i have nitro i already voted many times in this server and being active as long as i can make it pls can i have it ty


avatar of Dog
Dog 3 months ago

This server has a wide range of emotes, channel, giveaways and much more! The server jets dream world is all about having fun and it is a entertaining server to be in. You can make lots of friends in this server. The best servers in discord probably has this listed in them. In my opinion, I think this server is good for 13 and up. It has great emojis and emotes, chat is very active and a very nice community. I recommend joining jets dream world if you are interested in finding lots of pepo emotes and emojis.


avatar of Jayt
Jayt 3 months ago

Amazing server