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🌸 Chillbar 🌸

Chillbar is a wonderful place where you can meet new people! There are a vast array of clubs and roles. So many that it will make your head hurt. What's that you say? You have a gambling addiction?! Well not to worry, there are gambling channels where everyone can gamble away all your money and beg for money to other members. cough What are you waiting for?!

  • 💠 500 emoji's
  • 🎎 Anime
  • 🎵 Active voice chats
  • 🎭 Friendly community
  • 📰 Giveaways & Events
  • 💻 Custom bots & Gambling
  • 🎉 Special roles
  • 🎌 Clubs
  • 🎮 Gaming
  • 🌲 Minecraft Server
  • 🏵 And a lot more!

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User Reviews


Based on 38 reviews

avatar of daddy~
daddy~ 3 months ago

the people there itself are actually really chill great server to just sit relax grab some snacks and chat 😊(^///^)


avatar of Rio-kun
Rio-kun 6 months ago

The best server I've ever been a part of. There are so many kind people in the server that make it such a relaxing and welcoming place for everyone. There is not a single person that feels felt out. I've met so many kind people on that server and I just wanted to congratulate the man himself on creating such a beautiful environment. Well done Ginger, ily (ps devil is a qt)


avatar of Jiro
Jiro 6 months ago

Actually the best server. So chill man.


avatar of TotallyKai
TotallyKai 6 months ago

Chillbar is a great community filled with great members and staff


avatar of Ghostwire
Ghostwire 6 months ago

I've been in this server for a bit over 2 or 3 months and I stay on it everyday when i'm in school, its not toxic like others and I feel like I can just hop on and chat


avatar of WrigglySplash
WrigglySplash 5 months ago

Really epic server with some really nice people. The vc's are always active and the clubs are a bunch if fun to be a part of. Although, beware the gambling, it can be weird sometimes. Otherwise, an all around good server with cool staff and cool bots.


avatar of rainn
rainn 4 months ago

Very active and an amazing server! Take care ya'll


avatar of Aito
Aito 4 months ago

Dude, if u want to chill , just come <3


avatar of ray
ray 3 months ago

Nice people, nice admins, overall very good server


avatar of Oikawa's Twin
Oikawa's Twin 4 months ago

Aww Tbh Chillbar is my fave server! Their staff and mods r cute and friendly..All members r nice and cool!! I also love the way we need to spend credits to get some roles and play with maki! That's a good idea ngl...Hope this server keep moving and shinning as always <3


avatar of Atlas
Atlas 3 months ago

The server is welcoming and fun to be in, I've made a couple of friends already and I'm glad too be apart of this hecking wonderful community


avatar of ナス
ナス 4 months ago

Fun fact that every staff member writes positive things in here. No one even thinks about the opinion of the others. Ya got a small chance to feel welcomed.


avatar of Pichui
Pichui 2 months ago

very cool server, met a lot of homies.


avatar of SonoEmiri
SonoEmiri 3 months ago

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avatar of Hello.
Hello. 3 months ago

pretty good server everyone is not toxic and they welcome you if you join