Minecraft 1.17 SMP πŸ’œ Server IP: play.excavice.com ⭐'s avatar

Minecraft 1.17 SMP πŸ’œ Server IP: play.excavice.com ⭐

πŸ’¬πŸ”Š SMP Minecraft Server, has custom items & armors! tons of people to meet and play minecraft with, join now to make new friends! πŸš€


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The Excavice SMP | play.excavice.com πŸŒ‹ 1.16.5 The Excavice survial multiplayer server is a no-griefing pvp with claiming and a completely player-based economy! the server is the perfect balance between pvp and pve. We have a large community and an abundance of player made towns on the server to join!

➀ Features β€’ New custom mobs such as Turtle Warriors, Kraken's & More. β€’ New custom weapons and armor sets to craft and find. :kraken_sword: β€’ New custom enchantments to apply to weapons, tools & amour. β€’ New custom crafting stations such as the Compactor & Cooking Table. β€’ Player class system & profession leveling such as farming. β€’ Both Java and Bedrock are able to join the Server. :Minecraft: β€’ Completely player-based economy & Auction House. β€’ User friendly smp server menu GUI β€’ New World Location: Kraken's Cove :squid:

β€’ And we have so much more planned! take a look at our patchnotes in the discord β€’ No mods needed! All of our custom items & mobs are configured through plugins!

➀ Discord Server: https://discord.gg/UrcrBmcADg ➀ Minecraft Server IP: play.excavice.com βœ… (Java & Bedrock) ➀ Bedrock Port: 19132 (Default Port)

➀ Latest Update: Patch 0.1.18 Addition ⚑ New! Replanter Enchantment & Carrot Helmet Retexture


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