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Highly active community for the anime card-collection game Karuta! Collect 70,000+ anime characters and chat with hundreds of anime fans!



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Karuta Hub is a community server centered around the anime card-collection game Karuta, which currently features more than 70,000 anime characters.

It's similar to bots such as Mudae, Pokécord, and WaifuBot, but offers many more features and customization options. The bot is currently in its beta phase, and its developers are working every day to improve it.

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Here's some of what Karuta currently offers:

  • Over 70,000 anime characters featured as collectible cards
  • A global economy, allowing players to take their cards to any server
  • Automatic card drops triggered whenever your server is active
  • Drops on command once every 30 minutes (per user)
  • Multiple forms of rarity through incremental print numbers, card codes, and more
  • Five different card qualities, randomized when a card is claimed, which affect its appearance: Damaged, Poor, Good, Excellent, and Mint
  • Card burning to collect resources (Gold and Dust), which can be used to purchase items and upgrades
  • Card dyeing to allow you to personalize your favorite cards
  • Card tagging to help organize your collection
  • Unrestricted card and item trading
  • A global Black Market auction system where cards from blacklisted users are sold back to the community
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Interested in adding the bot to your own server? Click here to check out Karuta's bot page!

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