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🍣 Anicloud Cafe | A Fun And Active Anime & Art Community

🌸 Anicloud Cafe is a fast-growing & active chatting server with thousands of members from all around the world. We have hundreds of emojis!




Giveaways & New Years Celebrations

Hey all! Every month we run a Nitro giveaway for anyone who votes for our server on TopGG (this website!). Go ahead and click the vote button on the side & join us today to enter for free! We also run several other non-voter nitro giveaways, so there's something for everyone <3 As of January 1st, we're going to be changing our graphics and slightly altering the look of our server as well as adding some cool new features to our very own custom Cafe Manager bot! Make sure to come and check them out (they are exclusive to us!).

Announcement published

🌸Anicloud Cafe is a fast-growing & active chatting server with thousands of members from all around the world.

⭐ We're one of the best places on Discord to come and meet new friendly people!

🌸 We have lots of exclusive server-features that have been developed purely for us!

🔊 VC Ranking system (VC levels).

🔊 24/7 Active VCs with tonnes of music options!

🎉 Lots of community events & giveaways!

🎁 Chance to get Discord Nitro when you type!

🌸 Welcoming community with lots of relaxed members to talk to!

User Reviews


Based on 25 reviews

avatar of Mio~!
Mio~! 3 months ago

I think it’s a fantastic and amazing place to go to, especially if you want a safe, warm and comforting place to make friends, meet people and have simply have fun! You would join the server and immediately be hit with a warm welcome. Most of the members are always kind and friendly, and are open to talk- even the owner! The owner (scrumpy) is very open, which is a massive thing for me about trust, and the relationships he has with members. It’s honestly a great deal, most server owners aren’t as open to talk to and dms as him, and that’s what makes him different. He’s always willing to help you and he is very trustworthy and honest <3. The staff member too, the staff members here are all very responsible. There will be the odd few troublemakers and trolls that join, but they too will be annihilated by the staff team. (lmfao) I treat this place like home, and the community, staff members and owner make up for it. They really do mean a lot to me, and this server is also the reason how I met the love of my life. (hi bry) Apart from the actual community and members itself, the server has great emotes that are cute, entertaining and mmm.. interesting. We have fun command bots that allow you to have fun within the server with various functions. As a bonus, we also have a multi-ban bot, which is super efficient against raids :>


avatar of lux
lux 3 months ago

crunchroll>medium cafe period p.s. cant write review for cr on cr


avatar of Ducky_Kay3
Ducky_Kay3 4 months ago

This server is amazing and has helped me spend my time in a wonderful way! I just come here whenever am bored and it cheers me up. ‘tis kinda addictive ngl


avatar of .Pissbaby
.Pissbaby 4 months ago

Medium cafe is amazing:D you will love it here!!<33


avatar of Calico
Calico 4 months ago

The community is absolutely amazing! I love being apart of it and I’m sure you will too. It’s like a family.


avatar of fai6thx
fai6thx 4 months ago

This discord group is amazing!💘


avatar of Chip
Chip 4 months ago

Very nice community that accepts anyone. Sometimes can get a little jam-packed in chat, but there is also a chill chat lounge that you can hang out in. I've been in this server for 6 months now, and I'm a big introvert at first meeting, so it's awesome how friendly people were to me. There are lots of emojis that I really enjoy as well. I really recommend joining this server, just make sure to read the rules!


avatar of Aizen
Aizen 4 months ago

Yh medium cafe is the best server on discord no cap you can eat my ass if you think otherwise, it’s got the best people especially Scrumpy the owner but he still hasn’t sent me any love #sadboihours


avatar of 🔥Sakina🔥
🔥Sakina🔥 3 months ago

Medium cafe is a wonderful server with a bright and beautiful community!! Highly recommend it. There are a bunch of features and vcs and I’m happy to say I haven’t had many issues with it!!


avatar of 《🍑》๖ ۣۜζζ͜͡PikaKami

Eh my friend just told me to come here, nice set up I guess, im not a really big OH MY GOD RASSLE DASSLE guy but y'know I will give credit when its due.


avatar of Elrena-χ
Elrena-χ 4 months ago

This place is humiliatingly disgusting and I love it. People are nice, many different kinds of people to associate and talk with, so many different things to do, and even the ranking systems are so fun. It's a nice way to encourage people to do more in the server than just laze around. 11/10 would join again


avatar of Bonaventurianus
Bonaventurianus 4 months ago

it's an awesome server for meeting new people and having a fun time. There are awesome weekly events and this server is really active like an actual Caffe.


avatar of The Cryptid's Amnesia

the people here are really nice and the server is very well organized the mods are approachable responsible overall a really nice server


avatar of That's Pretty Polar Ice

So many great people come and go in this server, it isn't hard to get a great friend and some amazing conversation. I've been here a bit over 4 months and it's been nothing but fun. Cuddles!


avatar of b r y. 森
b r y. 森 2 months ago

This server is great!!! the owner is really nice and it's a great place to make friends. and i love lin. bye now


avatar of Kaní
Kaní 4 months ago

Amazing server and has a lot of great people especially that Kaní fellow pretty hot guy imo I would of gave it 5 stars but scrumpy never gave me the love I paid for, #sadboihours


avatar of Halo ^^
Halo ^^ 2 months ago

I love medium cafe I have met so many new friends it's one of the best servers I've joined and I have only been here for a couple weeks scrumpy is also one of the nicest owners I have met Its a awesome server <3


avatar of hails
hails 2 months ago

very kind community and super welcoming to newcomers! everyone is very accepting and they've also got pretty cool emojis! :0 really fun place to make new friends and to have fun!