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avatar of πŸ’™Fangs-SweetheartπŸ’™2020

I have given this one star because of how poor and toxic this server can get. Amid the frustraition of having to pay for items that arent worth to be over priced to begin with. They're are a lot of greedy people on here and i for once, hate greedy people. The moderators are very poor at keeping an eye on every chat section of this server. I understand they have lives of their own, however, i was attempted to help somebody out in their help section of this server. Only to find out a moderatior has made me feel discouraged and enraged for trying to help. I have also mentioned awhile back in their website feedback section of this server about adding a relist function to their website when it came to my attention i had to become a pateron. And i am not giving any money to this server when i feel unwelcomed, discouraged, and uncomfortable. I have significant issues using the site that causes my eyes to hurt, and they ignored my request for the reslot button to be available to EVERYONE. This is a very sad, somewhat disturbingly dark server. My message to parents for their kids is to not go into this server, unless you want your children to feel uncwelcomed, and uncomfortable and upset. And having to pay a lot of bells (game currency) for something as small as star fragments or seasonal materials, but. However, if you want to have your child be in this server. Just be sure to keep an eye om them. This is not a fact, this is my honest moral opnion about a servee that price gouges everything in animal crossing


avatar of Vin
Vin 1 month ago

i think the mods can be more active, but i also think that the system of trade, and communication is very good.


avatar of 3x
3x 28 days ago

I got scammed many times this server sucks