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No general chat reason.

The discord will never have a general chat due to the fact of the server having 700k members and nearly 100k online users. A general chat would cause the server to crash. Sorry!

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avatar of Eshaan
Eshaan 4 months ago

ok i was band for no reason lol


avatar of Steve Jebs
Steve Jebs 4 months ago

At this point you might as well buy Discord lol


avatar of rose.
rose. 3 months ago

The server itself is a 4/5. The server is not finished due to that they need to do something before they can allow people to chat. That is why there are no general chats or bot-channel. They need to be able to handle the whole community and they cannot do that with how many mods there are at the moment. They've already been receiving impersonations of MrBeast which can lead to anything but good. I respect the thought in them and how they are protecting all of us by not doing general chat and handling the situation right. However, based on the server in general, it is boring without anything to do.


avatar of Marshy
Marshy 2 months ago

People asking for a general chat are braindead. What do you think will happen in that chat with almost 700,000 people in the server? and around 100k concurrent online members.


avatar of oh
oh 3 months ago



avatar of Ammar
Ammar 1 month ago

soo umm the server is full XDDDDDD


avatar of Sweet
Sweet 2 months ago

Bruh it’s baning my friends and me and when I help them they did not give me the helper how bad is this server it is horribly wrong!


avatar of aids
aids 2 months ago

idk i dint join yet


avatar of spade
spade 4 months ago

good people good games


avatar of ThePSGod
ThePSGod 3 months ago

This is clearly what you call amazing!


avatar of Pupster
Pupster 2 months ago

They NEED to add a general! Just imagine you being able to talk to dream jimmy and the whole beast gang


avatar of Deleted User
Deleted User 3 months ago

https://discord.gg/w3dN6BtV.Pls mr.beast com in Pixel Tigre 3D .