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  • The Programmer's Hangout Icon
    52,272 members 355 emotes
    The Programmer's Hangout

    Been writing code for 10 years? Or have you wrote 10 lines of code? All levels welcome. The Programmers Hangout.

    Social, Developer
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  • 7,619 members 119 emotes
    Scribes and Scribblers

    Writing/art server. Best server for writers, artists, and other creatives! Discord partnered.

    Social, Fun
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  • The Writing Factory Icon
    2,056 members 14 emotes
    The Writing Factory

    Welcome to The Writing Factory! Here you will meet new and inspiring writers like yourself to help you along your writing journey :)

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  • Writing Pantry Icon
    1,807 members 76 emotes
    Writing Pantry

    The sweetest writing server on Discord (seriously, diabetes guaranteed).

    Roleplay, Social
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  • 💙Markai's New World💙 Icon
    1,449 members 126 emotes
    💙Markai's New World💙

    Countryhumans, danganronpa, Photography, Writing, art and cursed stuff. We kinda worship America. RusAme time. But yeah, Animation memes

    Roleplay, Fun
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  • No Sleep 'Til Bookdun Icon
    1,307 members 114 emotes
    No Sleep 'Til Bookdun

    Creative writers who want to write shit and finish it! Join us for writing discussions, our 6-month novel writing challenge, and much more.

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  • Potato's Art Dungeon Icon
    821 members 55 emotes
    Potato's Art Dungeon

    A server for art sharing and helpful critique! Writing, cosplay, and all kinds of art are welcome.

    Social, Fun
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  • FetLife & Fandoms Icon
    752 members 129 emotes
    FetLife & Fandoms

    21+ in N. America; fet events, gaming, tv/movies, memes, writing, VC, casual chat

    Gaming, Roleplay
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  • r/WriteWithMe Icon
    744 members 0 emotes

    A writing-based server where creative people look for partners.

    Fun, Social
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  • Chill Cafe Icon
    562 members 60 emotes
    Chill Cafe

    A server that has a community filled with users who enjoy all kinds of things, whether that be gaming, drawing, writing, and more!

    Gaming, Meme
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  • Get It Done Icon
    442 members 55 emotes
    Get It Done

    Looking for homework, tutoring, essays, exams, tests, coding, content writing and other academic needs to be resolved? GET IT DONE HERE!

    Social, Giveaway
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  • Writer's Craft Icon
    429 members 35 emotes
    Writer's Craft

    A writing community for new and old authors alike!

    Social, Support Server
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  • The Book Was Better Icon
    414 members 32 emotes
    The Book Was Better

    Discord server for the youtube channel KrimsonRogue. The server focuses heavily on writing and discussions around media.

    Social, Fun
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  • DNE Gaming Icon
    409 members 263 emotes
    DNE Gaming

    DNE is a nontoxic gaming community. We arent limited to gaming but are open to anime, writing, art and more!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Bahá'í.FYI Icon
    398 members 35 emotes

    A comfy community hosted on Discord for people of all (or no) faiths to explore the Bahá'í Faith, its writings, and its vision.

    Social, Fun
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  • Anime Rakuen Icon
    364 members 57 emotes
    Anime Rakuen

    We are a friendly community looking for more active people :) No NSFW, we have gaming, photography, writings and many more e.g Events!

    Fun, Meme
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