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  • 🎃 Friendscord 🎃 Icon
    14,930 members 500 emotes
    🎃 Friendscord 🎃

    ♥️Friendly🌹Chat🌟Discussion🎀Writing💌SFW🎙️Voice❄️Chill💞Community⚡Active🎮Gaming🎥Movies🙋Friends📚Studying🤯Memes👥Make Friends

    Music, Gaming
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  • Pure Imagination Icon
    3,557 members 53 emotes
    Pure Imagination

    Creative Community focused on sharing Art, Design, Music, Photography and Writing. We also run Gaming Events like Fall Guys and Among Us.

    Music, Art
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  • Dot's Poetry Corner [Film, Writing, etc.] Icon
    56 members 44 emotes
    Dot's Poetry Corner [Film, Writing, etc.]

    🎥 Filmmaking || 🖋️ Writing || 🍿 Movie Nights || 📝 Writing Prompts || 💿 Music || 🎨 Art || and more!

    Music, Emotes
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  • Social - Awkward - Creative Icon
    154 members 35 emotes
    Social - Awkward - Creative

    A community for creative people of all kinds. Writing, art, photography and music. All are welcome in our community.

    Art, Music
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  • The Art Office Icon
    53 members 40 emotes
    The Art Office

    We show off drawings, paintings, memes, video-edits, photography, writing, and poetry! If you have an art specialty this is your home!

    Art, Music
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  • DNE Gaming Icon
    3,322 members 360 emotes
    DNE Gaming

    DNE gaming is a non-toxic community. We host events, giveaways and support fandom, anime, writing, art and more!!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Thoughts n' Balloons Icon
    361 members 65 emotes
    Thoughts n' Balloons

    A safe place where those who enjoy writing poems can come together to share poetry, create, and connect.

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  • Anime Spot Icon
    30 members 7 emotes
    Anime Spot

    Friendly | Full of anime lovers | Social | Gaming, idk what to write

    Anime, Gaming
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  • The INKubator Icon
    230 members 29 emotes
    The INKubator

    A writing home for serious writers of all skill levels. Be it poetry, short stories or novels, our writers get published regularly.

    Social, Gaming
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  • Fools Brigade Icon
    22 members 4 emotes
    Fools Brigade

    Sad place ran by a sad lad for sad fools. Pretty chill place just to meet people I guess? Clearly I don't know how to write descriptions.

    Fun, Social
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  • Creative Sanctuary Icon
    59 members 145 emotes
    Creative Sanctuary

    | Writing | Artists | Musicians | Friendly | Active | Fun | Lots of bots! | Cute Emotes | Come join our new community and make new friends!

    Fun, Art
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  • ✨*⊰ Megaverse ⊱* ✨ Icon
    279 members 291 emotes
    ✨*⊰ Megaverse ⊱* ✨

    Have multiple interests? Then join us as we stream anime, tv shows, movies and discuss conspiracies, writing, art, role-play and much more!

    Anime, Stream
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  • Writing Pantry Icon
    2,076 members 155 emotes
    Writing Pantry

    The sweetest writing server on Discord (seriously, diabetes guaranteed).

    Roleplay, Social
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  • ღ미술 .Misul. Cafeღ Icon
    47 members 2 emotes
    ღ미술 .Misul. Cafeღ

    Welcome to the newly opened, ღMisulღ Cafe! We are a Kpop themed writing and art cafe!

    KPop, Social
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  • The Creation Hub Icon
    24 members 9 emotes
    The Creation Hub

    Do you like writing and Role-playing? Do you want a creative outlet to share your ideas? Then you will LOVE The Creation Hub!

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  • Freeform Delusions Icon
    11 members 5 emotes
    Freeform Delusions

    A freeform and play by post roleplay server for mature minded writers and gamers looking for a chill place to write and interact. 18+ only.

    Roleplay, Social
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