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  • Discord Hangouts Icon
    2,253 members 98 emotes
    Discord Hangouts

    A friendly and chill community server. We host nitro giveaways frequently, have active chats, and excellent moderation. Join today!

    Social, Animal Crossing
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  • Horizon Central Icon
    12,092 members 262 emotes
    Horizon Central

    We are an ACNH server dedicated to providing free items to all! Try us out! ♡(。- ω -)

    Animal Crossing, Social
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  • Magicly Advertising & Giveaways Icon
    7,729 members 104 emotes
    Magicly Advertising & Giveaways

    Advertise your social Media or your Discord server for free!

    Giveaway, Roblox
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  • Catalog Land Icon
    4,354 members 396 emotes
    Catalog Land

    An Animal Crossing: New Horizons server with a friendly & welcoming community, tons of giveaways, catalog islands, weekly events, and more!

    Animal Crossing, Social
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  • Kingdom of Meowmii Icon
    1,128 members 179 emotes
    Kingdom of Meowmii

    A chill small active gaming, among us, minecraft (server) and mostly EU based community targeted towards SFW people over 18.

    Among Us, Minecraft
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  • tyralnia Icon
    13,224 members 276 emotes

    POLSKI SERWER DISCORD BEZ BANÓW, TOP 1 SERVER IN POLAND, polska mleczny start fame mma retransmisja gaming anime manga social polish zagadka

    Animal Crossing, Among Us
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  • Dodo Airlines Icon
    387 members 80 emotes
    Dodo Airlines

    an active and generous ACNH community

    Animal Crossing
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  • 🧇 Waffle House 🧇 Icon
    988 members 500 emotes
    🧇 Waffle House 🧇

    Twitch streamer, Overrwaffles' very own official Discord server! We have LOTS of waffles. giveaways & gaming events! 🧇

    Animal Crossing, Gaming
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  • darling Icon
    1,361 members 68 emotes

    aesthetically pleasing server with a wholesome and welcoming community join to make new friends

    Social, Animal Crossing
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  • ʚ🦋 Kairos 🕊˖࿐໋࿔₊ Icon
    6,058 members 498 emotes
    ʚ🦋 Kairos 🕊˖࿐໋࿔₊

    🌸・Friendly Community ♡ Active chats 🥟 500 Cute Emotes ♡ Anime 🍚 Art ♡ Gaming 🥠 Memes ♡ Fun 🍥 Events ♡ Join us and meet new friends! 🍣

    Anime, Emotes
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  • The Game Corner┋AC:NH Catalog Icon
    4,371 members 434 emotes
    The Game Corner┋AC:NH Catalog

    ACNH Catalog Land with ALL complete sets! 300+ All 90 KK songs. Wallpaper, floors, rugs! A 4-5 hour cataloging adventure! Giveaways!

    Animal Crossing, Gaming
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  • Brewster Bistro Icon
    4,689 members 300 emotes
    Brewster Bistro

    A safe space for all members of the Animal Crossing New Horizons community to socialize and make friends.

    Animal Crossing, Gaming
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  • ACNH Soradox Icon
    696 members 170 emotes
    ACNH Soradox

    An Animal Crossing New Horizons server! Our server has daily giveaways & cataloging events~ We are a friendly community!

    Animal Crossing, Gaming
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  • 🔅 The Treasure Island 🔅 Icon
    2,041 members 316 emotes
    🔅 The Treasure Island 🔅

    💬Chatting 🏩Giveaways/Events 🎮Games 🍰Friendly 🚀Lvl 3 boost ⭐️Emotes 🌸Animal Crossing!!

    Animal Crossing, Giveaway
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