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  • Nookazon Icon
    481,085 members 233 emotes

    A Marketplace to Trade Animal Crossing: New Horizons Items & More

    Gaming, Social
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  • Fruit Salad Icon
    19,877 members 309 emotes
    Fruit Salad

    Fruit Salad is one of the fastest growing global fruit-themed community. Don't be a vegetable, join Fruit Salad!

    Animal Crossing, Rocket League
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  • Animal Crossing New Horizons [FR] Icon
    17,969 members 93 emotes
    Animal Crossing New Horizons [FR]

    Discord francophone regroupant des passionés de la licence Animal Crossing !

    Fun, Social
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  • Rocket HQ Icon
    17,341 members 448 emotes
    Rocket HQ

    Rocket HQ is a Pokemon & Animal Crossing server for gamers of all playing styles. We offer free bots, giveaways and a welcoming community!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Daisy Mae's Exchange Icon
    16,507 members 139 emotes
    Daisy Mae's Exchange

    A community focused on making a fun place for people that play ACNH

    Animal Crossing, Social
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  • DodoCodes Icon
    11,045 members 148 emotes

    Auctions, Trading or Meet New Friends in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Social, Gaming
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  • Nook Foundation Icon
    10,640 members 144 emotes
    Nook Foundation

    A server that provides ACNH materials for free! As the server grew, our team have implemented giveaways and different services!

    Animal Crossing, Giveaway
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  • Animal Crossing: New Horizons Icon
    10,021 members 44 emotes
    Animal Crossing: New Horizons

    Deutscher (German) Animal Crossing Discord Server. Der Server dient zum handeln, plaudern & natürlich auch zum gemeinsam spielen! 💕

    Gaming, Animal Crossing
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  • ACNH: Mae's Market Icon
    8,867 members 87 emotes
    ACNH: Mae's Market

    Mae's market is a friendly and active ACNH server that focuses on the turnip trade. Trading for turnips has never been easier with our bot!

    Gaming, Animal Crossing
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  • Animal Crossing Central Icon
    7,979 members 106 emotes
    Animal Crossing Central

    🎫 1000 NMTs Giveaway🌱Turnip Exchange 💎Level 3 Boosted 💖Active & Welcoming Community!✨Over 7k Members!

    Social, Animal Crossing
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  • ★彡 Peach Cat Icon
    6,635 members 289 emotes
    ★彡 Peach Cat

    We are a SFW, positive and wholesome community with the goal of making new friends and having fun together. We also have cute emotes!

    Anime, Emotes
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  • #memesquad Icon
    6,596 members 57 emotes

    💀Runescape/OSRS💀AC:NH💀GIVEAWAY: SteelSeries Apex Pro gaming keyboard on now! Ping dalt#2853 to enter!

    Anime, Giveaway
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  • Splatendo™ Icon
    5,543 members 114 emotes

    Splatendo™ is a fun Nintendo server! We have Splatoon 2, Smash Bros (SSBU), Animal Crossing (ACNH), Pokemon, Minecraft (MC), and even more!

    Gaming, Social
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  • Zombie Catalog HYPE Land - Members Only Icon
    4,919 members 94 emotes
    Zombie Catalog HYPE Land - Members Only

    Catalog Land with ALL complete sets! 300+ All 90 KK songs. Wallpaper, floors, rugs! A 4-5 hour cataloging adventure! Giveaways! ACNH

    Animal Crossing, Fun
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  • ACNH Garden Party Icon
    3,586 members 64 emotes
    ACNH Garden Party

    A community of ACNH gardeners who believe in giving back to the community. A No Fee/Tip Server. Come for the flowers, stay for the people.

    Animal Crossing, Gaming
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  • Animal Crossing Stalk Market Icon
    3,471 members 34 emotes
    Animal Crossing Stalk Market

    Welcome to the Animal Crossing Stalk Market. This is a server to buy and sell turnips, enter weekly giveaways, and just talk.

    Gaming, Animal Crossing
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