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  • W1STERIA Icon
    4,320 members 434 emotes

    💠 A community server for people to play games and socialize 💠 BOTS : Shoob | Karuta | Dank | Anigame | Poketwo | Aniquest | OSU | Mudae

    Anime, Art
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  • 505
    745 members 100 emotes
    ALIEN ANIMALS Game Official

    Meet cute 🐨🐸🦄🐲 ALIEN ANIMALS in this official 🎮 game server! 🎁GIVEAWAYS! (FREE Steam gift cards, nitro), 🎨ARTS, contests, events, etc

    Giveaway, Art
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  • Vistas Icon
    1,366 members 195 emotes

    Vistas is a great furry community for all kinds of people with lots of channels for different hobbies and interests. We support you!

    Furry, Art
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  • SUPERNOOBS - Chill Art Anime Gaming Icon
    3,205 members 149 emotes
    SUPERNOOBS - Chill Art Anime Gaming

    A super chill and friendly server for people to hangout, discuss about anime, art, music and play games together with zero room for toxicity

    Aesthetic, Art
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  • ⛩ BNG - Br Nem é Gente Icon
    4,158 members 178 emotes
    ⛩ BNG - Br Nem é Gente

    Um servidor brasileiro bem animado, com uma comunidade divertida e receptiva, focada em diversão e novas amizades no público Brasil/br.

    Social, Meme
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  • Marci's Hangout Icon
    180 members 60 emotes
    Marci's Hangout

    🔥Welcome to Marci's Hangout🔥

    Art, Roleplay
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  • TheUnknown Icon
    895 members 282 emotes

    Friendly Server 💙 Anime 💬 Active 😂 Memes👋 Social ⭐ Emotes 🎨 Art 🎮 Gaming ⭐ Fun 🎶 Music 🎉 Events

    Anime, Meme
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  • Poeira Cósmica 🚀 Icon
    3,429 members 172 emotes
    Poeira Cósmica 🚀

    Você, um amante das ciências e literatura, seja ela qual for, está sendo convocado para fazer parte da nossa comunidade.

    Gaming, Social
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  • Proza Icon
    134 members 12 emotes

    Welcoming community of Creators and Crypto-Heads! Discuss/Create/Earn/Promote!

    Art, crypto
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  • Study with Everybody! Icon
    313 members 132 emotes
    Study with Everybody!

    Study With Everybody a server mainly focused on providing suitable and motivational environment for students to study and help each others!

    Fun, Social
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  • ⭐Tamed Dust⭐ Icon
    222 members 104 emotes
    ⭐Tamed Dust⭐

    Hey, are you looking for a server to have fun and role play? Then Tamed Dust is perfect for you We have all of the main and side character

    Roleplay, Social
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  • ⸝⸝🌸 Bupie┊Anime & Art ꒷꒦ Icon
    493 members 112 emotes
    ⸝⸝🌸 Bupie┊Anime & Art ꒷꒦

    Friendly, fun and welcoming, join us!

    Anime, Art
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