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  • Discord Emotes Icon
    4,213 members 120 emotes
    Discord Emotes

    Discord Emotes ⭐ Professional Emotes ⭐ All PNG emotes ⭐ Wumpus, Nitro, Partner emotes etc ⭐ Giveaways ⭐ Frequent updates ⭐ Submit emotes!

    Emotes, Fun
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  • LegExCoders Icon
    376 members 53 emotes

    ▮ LegExCoders is a team of discord bot devs and web devs. We create bots for entertainment for discord members

    Developer, Fun
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  • Dark World Icon
    397 members 98 emotes
    Dark World

    Dark World Describe Dark Land, here are bundle of developer helping other members to makr bots,Doing giveaway regular.

    Giveaway, Developer
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  • blacky 2.0 Icon
    38 members 38 emotes
    blacky 2.0

    Magyar szerver. Folytonos bot újítások.

    Support Server, Fun
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  • Nutella's World 2.0 Icon
    280 members 115 emotes
    Nutella's World 2.0

    Nutella's World! Here you can find nitro, giveaways and fun!

    Giveaway, Developer
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  • System Development Icon
    399 members 36 emotes
    System Development

    A Gathering Place for Gaming, Entertainment, and Others.

    Social, Developer
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  • 🎄 NextLevel Ads Icon
    277 members 45 emotes
    🎄 NextLevel Ads

    The newest, next level advertising platform of Discord!

    Developer, Fun
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  • Beta Bot Testing Icon
    387 members 57 emotes
    Beta Bot Testing

    Beta Bot Testing is a place for any bots and bot developers to add their bots, advertise it and make it grow

    Developer, Support Server
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  • MBL Icon
    299 members 69 emotes

    ¡Discord oficial de MadBot!

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  • • Electra Destek Icon
    2,841 members 49 emotes
    • Electra Destek

    • Bu sunucuda Electra'nın yeniliklerini takip edebilir, botla ilgili sorularına yanıt alabilir ve nadiren olan çekilişlere katılabilirsin.

    Support Server, Developer
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  • Gaming Central Icon
    67 members 48 emotes
    Gaming Central

    Welcome to Gaming Central where we game, stream, make videos, or just have fun!

    Stream, Developer
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  • Bot testers Icon
    138 members 31 emotes
    Bot testers

    Bot testers is a server where you can test other people bots help them if they need help and of course advertise your bot and people use it.

    Developer, Economy
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  • Soupmasters Icon
    126 members 49 emotes

    A server made by Game Developers for Game Developers.

    Gaming, Developer
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  • 🍪Clube dos biscoitos #1k Icon
    784 members 224 emotes
    🍪Clube dos biscoitos #1k

    Um sevidor incrivel para a comunidade de biscoitinhos

    Anime, Developer
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  • BCFD Official Server Icon
    1,284 members 7 emotes
    BCFD Official Server

    Official Server for Bot Commander App which is Available for Android! Code your bot on Android with Ease! Unlimited Hosting!

    Support Server, Developer
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