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  • Dream Realm Icon
    3,188 members 115 emotes
    Dream Realm

    Dungeons & Dragons (DnD 5e) social, roleplay-friendly, 18+ only, SFW server that hosts campaigns, one-shots, events and classes!

    DnD, Roleplay
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  • Dungeon Slimes Icon
    7,011 members 109 emotes
    Dungeon Slimes

    A super friendly, slime-themed social discord server with interests in Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) and various other tabletop games!

    Social, DnD
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  • SpareWorld Icon
    1,442 members 175 emotes

    This is a friendly community which promotes freshly brewed content about Rust, DnD, anime, Valheim and lots of other stuff.

    Rust, DOTA 2
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  • Pain Train Icon
    77 members 71 emotes
    Pain Train

    Pain Train

    Roleplay, Music
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  • Dnd World Icon
    5,160 members 244 emotes
    Dnd World

    A family friendly, homebrew fantasy, text-based D&D living world that welcomes newbies! We play West Marches style instead of campaigns.

    Roleplay, DnD
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  • Be My Friend, Coward! Icon
    344 members 70 emotes
    Be My Friend, Coward!

    •18+ •LGBT+ friendly •420 friendly •Non-Toxic Voice Chat gaming •TTRPG •Among Us •All games welcome •Movie and TV streams

    DnD, LFG
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  • The Astralguard Icon
    718 members 261 emotes
    The Astralguard

    The Astralguard is a D&D 5e community based around progressive one-shot quests. Operating from a base allowing for all settings!

    DnD, LFG
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  • #дндукраїнською Icon
    84 members 10 emotes

    Спільнота україномовної гри в D&D. Спілкування, пошук гравців, допомога один одному!

    DnD, YouTube
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  • S.I.N.O.A.N. Icon
    80 members 23 emotes

    We are a small RPG and RP community made to create a space for people to play and have fun.

    Roleplay, DnD
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  • Baldur's Gate Icon
    392 members 104 emotes
    Baldur's Gate

    A friendly and welcoming place to play dnd in a living server. Join sessions, both one shots and campaigns. Role play and get day jobs.

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  • The Grim Goblin Icon
    169 members 64 emotes
    The Grim Goblin

    The Grim goblin is a Taverns style DND/Table top server meant to bring people together in a inclusive space and to help newer players/DMs

    DnD, Roleplay
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  • Greek Titans Community® Icon
    3,281 members 113 emotes
    Greek Titans Community®

    Από το 2014 οι Greek Titans είναι μια gaming κοινότητα που εστειάζει στα video games με ομώνυμες clan / guilds σε διάφορα games

    Gaming, League of Legends
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  • Silver TTVN Icon
    104 members 33 emotes
    Silver TTVN

    A community that functions as a place for you to meet new friends, hangout, and talk with content creators like Xalsier, Owen, and Rat

    Stream, DnD
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  • Khaotic Mindz Icon
    92 members 70 emotes
    Khaotic Mindz

    A friendly, diverse community that welcomes everyone! Come chill with the community, talk about D&D, and watch our streams for a fun time!

    DnD, Roleplay
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