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  • Rust Community Icon
    11,392 members 49 emotes
    Rust Community

    A toxic free Rust community that is moderated 24/7. We provide a place to: look for teammates (LFG), advertise your server and a lot more!

    lfg, Rust
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  • BaseInvaders Icon
    7,560 members 11 emotes

    Welcome to Base Invaders, A Rust Event Discord! Enter your team and wait for the carnage.

    Rust, Gaming
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  • UBGE Icon
    7,534 members 103 emotes

    A União Brasileira de Gamers pela Ética é uma comunidade aberta que se orgulha por ser reconhecida como amigável e hospitaleira.

    Gaming, Music
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  • Rust Looking For Group Icon
    6,248 members 0 emotes
    Rust Looking For Group

    A Discord Server Dedicated To Helping You Find A Group Or Others To Play With!

    Rust, LFG
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  • Icon
    4,271 members 144 emotes

    The home of Rust’s Vanilla-inspired monthly server, modded to perfection. Join us every first Thursday of the month for Rust’s biggest wipe!

    Rust, Gaming
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  • 💥 | © RusteurFrance Icon
    4,211 members 15 emotes
    💥 | © RusteurFrance

    1ère Communauté Francophone Rust !

    Rust, Gaming
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  • Rust Lounge Icon
    3,205 members 57 emotes
    Rust Lounge

    a Place.

    Rust, Gaming
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  • Rustonia Icon
    3,134 members 13 emotes

    Providing Rust Servers For Everyone

    Gaming, Rust
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  • A Mysterious Land Icon
    2,987 members 32 emotes
    A Mysterious Land

    We are a very large server dedicated to multiple games including R6S, Fallout, Apex Legends, Rust, and many more.

    Apex Legends, Rust
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  • Impera Discord Icon
    2,480 members 75 emotes
    Impera Discord

    Ave potential Legionnaire! We want you to join our discord. We are a open and unrestricted community to players from all walks of life.

    Gaming, Giveaway
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  • Rustic Vegas Icon
    2,414 members 0 emotes
    Rustic Vegas

    This is the official Rustic Vegas discord we have over 2k members a 2x server and a vanilla hope to see you join or even donate WE WORK REA

    Rust, Fortnite
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  • King's Playground Icon
    2,294 members 139 emotes
    King's Playground

    A gaming discord that is focused on building up new experiences and relationships within the community. Everyone is welcome here

    Minecraft, Rust
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  • The Rust Community Icon
    2,250 members 53 emotes
    The Rust Community

    A Rust community that is welcome to all members who enjoy the game! Chat with other players, or talk about your experience as a whole.

    Rust, Gaming
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    2,107 members 0 emotes

    Everything about gaming join and find teammates and let's have fun and if you need anything just let me or the staff know

    Gaming, Rust
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  • Looking For Rust Teams Icon
    1,989 members 0 emotes
    Looking For Rust Teams

    If you dont have a Rust team join my server to find your new friends

    Rust, Social
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  • MundoGamer™ Icon
    1,949 members 59 emotes

    Servidor focado em games, campeonatos, animes e musica!

    Fortnite, Rust
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