An osu! bot that is currently in over 40000 servers! Includes osu! tracking, screenshot image processing, and beatmap recommendations.

Created By: Stevy# 3330

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

Honestly too lazy to do this lol. Here's the command list. Use >help (command) for info. Disable prefixless with >funadmin prefixless. If you need any help, ask at Enjoy!

Audio - disconnect pause play queue remove repeat search seek shuffle skip song stop volume

Economy - bank blackjack credits drop guess pay pick slots toss twentyfour

Fun - 8ball cat dance discomegle dog eastereggs hug insult kiss loss owo pat pout slap smug triggered tsundere

General - addbot avatar blah botinfo contact donate emotes help ping serverinfo servers uptime userinfo

Leveler - background badge lvlinfo lvlset profile rank rep role top

Osu - compare ctb ctbtop leaderboard mania maniatop map mapfeed osu osuset osutop recent recommend scores sig skin taiko taikotop track

Settings - audioadmin disable funadmin lvladmin osuadmin overview prefix

Utility - anime choose crypto flip lmgtfy poll roll stopwatch translate urban whoplays wolfram