A multipurpose Discord bot providing games, images and more

Created By: Zirk# 0001

What is Sanara

Sanara is a multipurpose bot that is now in more than 200 servers (05/2019).
Her most used features are games, doujinshi and images but there are a lot more.


You can see the full list on Sanara's command page

More information

The bot is in constant developpement, I'm always improving her by adding features and fixing bugs.
If you have any idea of some new ones, you can come open an issue, come to her official server or contact Zirk#0001 on Discord.

If you want to, you can also see stats about her usage.

I'm also open to contributions if you want to translate the bot to your own language or to add features, more information on the developper documentation page.

If you have any wonder about what the bot collect on you and how you can get/delete these information, you can check the GDPR page.