CoinMaster Certified Bots


Keep your server active with a fun and unique clicker/incremental economy game that works within Discord!

So... what is it?

CoinMaster is a fun and unique incremental/clicker game that works within a Discord bot. It's inspired by Cookie Clicker and other economy-type games!

How does it work?

Every message you send (on a timer, so you don't have to worry about users spamming), you'll get some coins. You can use these coins to get items that allow you to get a certain amount of coins every second- even when you're offline. You can also use these coins to get upgrades to get yourself ahead!

How do I get started?

Click the "Invite" link above to invite CoinMaster to your own server. Once you've invited it, use cm!account create to create an account and get started, and use cm!help for help. Moderators can also change the prefix (from cm! to anything) by using cm!cmsetprefix {prefix}.


-40 purchases

-Over 10 unique upgrades

-Rebirth system

-Various crate types

-Guilds to cooperate with your friends