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Created By: DELUUXE# 1608

24/7 music in discord


Play songs on demand or listen to a radio station all day long without ever having to stop.
The party won't stop when you leave either, because this bot stays in your channel 24 hours per day 7 days a week!

Key features

  • Play any radio station/stream
  • Play any youtube video (unlimited length)
  • Play any spotify song
  • Play any youtube livestream
  • 24/7 in your channel (youtube is only 24-7 with premium)


Use "mb help" or click here to view all commands


  • youtube queue (play youtube videos 24-7)
  • high quality audio
  • import youtube playlists
  • import spotify playlists and albums (converted to youtube equivelant)
  • import and export bot queue's
  • repeat 1 song 24 7
  • server wide volume adjustment
  • make commands mod only(not all commands)

Can't wait to try it out?
invite the bot Or check out premium.