Ticket System


Simple Ticket Bot with a lot of uses!

Created By: Nerve# 0001

Simple Ticket Bot with multiple uses!

( ) = Optional, [ ] = Required, | = Or

Commands: (Will make this bigger)


The commands that everyone can do.
  • help - Shows a list of commands, which the bot contains.
  • info - Shows information about the bot.
  • new [Topic] - Creates a new support ticket, and pings Support Staff role(s).


The commands only Staff can do.
  • add [@user] (#ticket) - (-add @Nerve#0001 #ticket-1) Add’s a person to the ticket, perfect for player complaints or other.
  • close [Reason] - Closes the ticket, posts the reason in log channel and PM’s the user. (So he knows why the ticket is closed.)
  • remove [@user] (#ticket) - (-remove @Nerve#001 #ticket-1) Removes a user from ticket#id or if no ticket # is chosen, then it removes from current ticket.
  • rename [New Name] - Renames the ticket from your ticket name to whatever name you want.
  • save - Creates a pastebin, with all the messages from the ticket for both you and your client(s).


The commands only roles with administrator permissions can do.
  • Archive - Removes everyone (except admin perms.) out of the ticket and moves it to the Archive Parent Category.
  • reset - Resets the setup of Ticket System.
  • setup - Sets up the Ticket System.

What the setup commands does: (Will make this bigger)

Step 1.

  • Category for your active tickets. (If none is chosen, the ticket will be created at the top of the discord channel list.)

Step 2.

  • Archive category for your archived tickets. (If none is chosen, archive feature will be disabled.)

Step 3.

  • Role call. Mention all the Staff roles you want to have access to the Ticket System. (Example: @Staff @Owner @Support)

Step 4.

  • Log Channel. Choose the channel where you want ticket logs to go to. (If you don’t want logs, simply type none)

Step 5.

  • Cooldown. On the 5th step you're able to set a cooldown inbetween creating tickets, max time is 24hours! (Example: 12h | 30m | 30s)

Step 6.

  • Confirmation. On the 6th step the bot will give you a summary of the setup, asking you to cancel or confirm the settings.