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Telephone - The Octo Expansion Themed Splatoon Bot!

Telephone-Bot is a Octo Expansion Themed Splatoon Bot built for Splatoon 2


  • Multiple Customizable Profiles for Splatoon 2, Salmon Run, and Octo Canyon!
  • This Bot has SplatoonWiki Functions, Users can search Weapon, Gear Info, Sub Info, and Special Info with a Command!
  • A Variety of Splatoon2.ink Features, like Auto SplatNet, Gear Ordering, Auto SalmonRun, & Auto Rotations!
  • Utility Cog: Map callouts, server-specific configuration, and a configurable comand prefix
  • Fun Cog! Memes, Test Failed, Will it Blend?, Weapon/Map Generators, and More!
  • Cephlapop Cog! Listen to any Splatoon 1/2/Live Soundtrack on discord!
  • A Splatoon 2 Economy System which can be used to get items that decorate your profile!

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