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DTbot is a bot that contains a variety of modules, e.g. Conversion, Interaction, Maths, and RNG (among others).

New: +anime & +manga commands to look up anime/manga on AniList (SFW results only)! DTbot will show you a variety of information on the title (airing status, genres, start/end date, etc...), and provide a link to the entry on AniList. It will also link the title on Kitsu and MAL, where possible.

With our big update to DTbot 2.0+, we made DTbot more flexible by introducing +changeprefix & +resetprefix.
These new commands enable users to change DTbot's prefix on a per-server basis! (Requires the user to have the Manage Guild permission)
We know that '+' isn't the most unique prefix, but with this new feature, you can change it to anything you want, up to 3 characters!
(DTbot will always be reachable by mentioning it with a command instead, should you forget your server's prefix.)
Do @DTbot help prefix for more info on custom prefixes!

Conversion allows you to convert between different temperatures and measurements, especially Metric <-> US Imperial units for easier international conversation.
Do +help Conversion to get a full list of all conversions we support.

Interaction allows you to interact with other server members with a large variety of different and expressive gifs. Hugging, headpatting, dancing, slapping, and gasp even hand-holding, with a whole bunch more.
You can see all available Interaction commands by doing +help Interaction.

Maths allows you to do simple maths, for when the calculator is too far away.
All commands are visible with +help Maths

RNG contains commands based on RNG. With these, DTbot can make choices, let you guess the outcome of a spin of the Roulette wheel, play Russian Roulette, flip a coin, etc...
It also contains the roll command, which lets you, well, roll dice. It uses the NdN format, so to roll 4 20-sided dice, you would do +roll 4d20. It also supports modifiers on these rolls! Check out +help roll to see all possibilites.
Check +help RNG for a full RNG command list.

There are tons more commands we haven't mentioned yet, so have a look at its full module and command list with +help!

Overall, DTbot is a versatile bot designed to bring a wide range of commands to the table.
We hope you will enjoy your time with DTbot!

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