A bot that utilises Esports data to give you links to the latest CSGO, LoL, DoTA2, Hearthstone, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Starcraft 2 matches!

Created By: rob# 3447


about YAMB

YAMB is a Discord bot that can play music from multiple sources including YouTube (playlists work too!), Spotify, SoundCloud and Twitch Live Streams.

In addition to a basic music module specifically designed to play Spotify playlists, it can return current and upcoming esports matches across 6 games.


.live will return the next 5 matches across all games, this can be called using .live csgo to limit the games returned to a single game.

.live csgo - limit games to CS: GO

.live dota2 - limit games to DoTA2

.live sc2 - limit games to Starcraft 2

data powered by Strafe StrafeApp

music for full documentation on music

.play <search term> - searches YouTube for a song to play

.play <spotify_playlist_url> - converts spotify -> youtube and adds to a queue

PLEASE NOTE: Install from to get the install process to set the settings of the bot otherwise it will not work on your server as all commands are off by default.

Installing from the YAMB website will present the install process, which will let you enable or disable the modules on an individual basis, it will also let you select your permissions for each role and command, as well as the prefix for the server.