• Play and search Spotify tracks and YouTube videos or playlists or play any URL including Soundcloud links and Twitch streams
  • Fully free and open source
  • Feature rich and highly customisable without a paywall
  • Create cross-platform playlists with tracks from any source
  • Simple and customisable player commands
  • Create custom command presets as shortcuts for your most used commands
  • Adjustable properties for even deeper customisation
  • Sign in to Spotify to play your own Spotify playlists or upload botify playlists
  • Manage what roles can access which commands
  • Customise how you want to summon your bot by using a custom prefix or giving your bot a name

Available commands

You can fetch this list in discord using the "$botify help" command, or "$botify help play" to get help with a specific command




Resume the paused playback, play the current track in the queue or play the specified track, video or playlist. Can play any URL or search youtube and spotify tracks or lists and also local playlists. Local playlists, like the queue, can contain tracks from any source (YouTube, Spotify and URL). Spotify search queries support the Spotify query syntax (i.e. the "artist:", "album:" and "track:" filters).

Usage examples ("$botify" can be replaced with the name of your bot or your custom prefix):
Play the current queue or unpause playback
$botify play

Play a specific track from Spotify
$botify play numb

Play a track from a specific artist and album
$botify play from the inside artist:linkin park album:meteora

Play a URL
$botify play someurl.com

Play a video from YouTube
$botify play $youtube youtube rewind 2018

Play a playlist from YouTube, showing a selection of 5 results
$botify play $youtube $list $limit=5 memes

Play a YouTube playlist
$botify play $youtube $list important videos

Play a Spotify playlist
$botify play $spotify $list this is linkin park

Play a Spotify playlist from the current user's library
$botify play $spotify $list $own goat


Pause the current playback.


Stop playback and empty the queue.


Toggles repeat for either the entire queue (repeat $all) or the current track (repeat $one).


Go back to the previous track in the queue. You can provide a number to rewind more than one track like this: $botify rewind 5


Skip to the next track in the queue or skip the specified amount of tracks. You can provide a number to skip more than one track like this: $botify skip 5


Toggles shuffle for this guild's queue. This generates a random order in which each track only appears once.


Display the current queue or add a youtube video or playlist, spotify track or playlist, local playlist or any URL to the current queue. Spotify search queries support the Spotify query syntax (i.e. the "artist:", "album:" and "track:" filters).

Display the queue widget
$botify queue

Add a specific track from Spotify to the queue
$botify queue numb

Add a track from a specific artist and album
$botify queue from the inside artist:linkin park album:meteora

Add tracks from a local playlist to the queue
$botify queue $list my list

Add tracks from a Spotify playlist to the queue
$botify queue $spotify $list this is linkin park

Add tracks from a Spotify playlist in the current user's library to the queue
botify queue $list $spotify $own favs

Add a YouTube playlist to the queue
$botify queue $youtube $list memes

Add a YouTube playlist to the queue, showing a selection of 5 results
$botify queue $youtube $list $limit=5 memes


Clear the current queue of all tracks (except the currently playing track)


Skip the given amount of seconds or minutes in the current track.

Forward 110 seconds
$botify forward 110

Forward 2 minutes
$botify forward $minutes 2


Rewind the given amount of seconds or minutes in the current track.

Rewind 110 seconds
$botify reverse 110

Rewind 2 minutes
$botify rewind $minutes 2


Change the music volume. Enter a value between 1 and 200.

Playlist management


Create an emtpy local playlist with the given name like $botify create my list


Delete the local playlist with the given name like $botify delete my list


Export the current tracks in the queue to a new local list like $botify export my list


Add a specific song from spotify, youtube, the current queue or any URL to the specified local playlist. Spotify search queries support the Spotify query syntax (i.e. the "artist:", "album:" and "track:" filters). To add tracks to the queue see the queue command.

Add a specific track
$botify add $spotify $own from the inside $to my list.

Add tracks from the current queue to a list
$botify add $queue my list

Add tracks from a url
$botify add someurl.com $to linkin park


Remove an item from a local playlist. Put either the full title of the YouTube video or the spotify track name. If it was a track added by URL from a different source you can either remove it via its title or URL. You can also remove items by their index like such: $botify remove $index 13-19 $from list.


Move one or several items in a botify playlist to a different index. When moving items down the playlist the items will end up behind the track that is currently at the target index or before when moving items upwards. When entering an index range to move it includes the start and end index. Indices are human, meaning they start at 1. To view full playlists with all indices search the list ($botify search $list my list) and then click the view full list link.


Add a track to a botify playlist. This command is an extension to the add command that inserts the tracks at a specific index rather than adding them to the end of the list.



Change the name of the bot. The bot then can be referenced to using that name instead of typing "$botify".


Create or delete a command preset or show all saved presets. Command presets can be used as shortcuts for lengthy commands or creating an alias for a command. Presets han hold one variable marked by "%s" that may be assigned a value when using the preset. Syntax to create a preset: [preset] $as [name].

Create a preset to add a track to your favourite list like: $botify fav numb
$botify preset "add %s $to favs" $as fav

Create a preset to play a local list like: $botify pl my list
$botify preset "play $list %s" $as pl

Create an alias for command forward: $botify ff 20
$botify preset forward %s $as ff

List all local playlist with one word: $botify list
$botify search \$list $as list

Create a preset to play one of the current user's Spotify playlists
$botify preset "play $spotify $own $list %s" $as psol

List all saved presets
$botify preset

Delete a saved preset
$botify preset $delete psol


Set a custom command prefix. Can be used instead of "$botify" or the bot name to start a command.


List all properties or change the value of a property. Properties are used to customize the bot. For example the "color" property changes the colour theme or "playback notification" changes whether you receive "Now playing..." messages.

list all properties
$botify property

set the color of botify messages to blue
$botify property color $set blue

set the color to Spotify green
$botify property color $set #1DB954

toggle playback notifications
$botify property $toggle playback notification



Answer a question asked by the bot. Commands like the play command may ask you to specify what track you meant if several options where found.


Lists all available commands and their descriptions or provides help with a specific command.


Add or remove a role required to run a certain command or list all commands and who they are available to. By default all commands are available to each user, except for this command which initially is only available to the guild owner. But as soon as a role has been added only those members with said role can use the command. The guild owner can always use any command.

Add playbackmanager to the roles that can use command play
$botify permission $grant play $to playbackmanager

Remove playbackmanager from the roles that can use command add
$botify permission $deny add $for playbackmanager

Clear all restrictions for command shuffle
$botify permission $clear shuffle


Show various analytics about this bot


Shows the most popular tracks and artists for your guild and globally



Login to spotify. This sends you a link to the spotify login page which then redirects to the botify callback.


Upload the items from a local list to a new Spotify playlist. This ignores elements that are not Spotify tracks.


Log out from Spotify.

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about 1 year ago

botify is the perfect bot to hear music from Spotify. It also provides music from YouTube, SoundCloud and also plays Twitch Streams. It offers everything you need to hear music. Perfect bot, really easy to use. Just type $botify play <link> and hear some tunes. 5 stars from me, works perfectly as expected


Botify Dev Alt

about 1 year ago

Bot dev here. Since top.gg does not allow bot owners to edit their reply or add a second reply, yet reviewers can edit their review I'll use this review to append to replies. Feel dirty for giving myself 5 starts but I have to chose a rating. I'll delete the review once top.gg allows bot owners to edit replies. Regarding the reply to isah: Apparently replies lose all their formatting so now i ...



about 1 year ago

Amazing! it has the same audio quality it has free settings, as in you can return to a specific second in a song it can make so many adjustments yes, it does require a little bit of practice to use the command just a little bit but this is now my favorite bot compared to the mainstream bot


Its very nice, I can play playlist that im too lazy to save on youtube, command is kind of hard, but atleast it works :)



10 months ago

Its BEST bot for playing music, but there's an option for 24/7 music?



11 months ago

Bot was working flawless than it just went offline try to fix it please and thank you.



6 months ago

Really love the bot but can't get it to work in a stage channel so it actually stays in on continously plays music even with noone present. Is there a way to get it to work?



4 months ago

BEST. MUSIC. BOT. EVER!!! It's literally the one bot that I've been looking for. No paid stuff, no premium or whatnot. Just a music bot that is enjoyable.



11 months ago

Works great!! (edited)




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