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Musical Tune is a rich quality music bot. Supports YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and JioSaavn for providing rich quality music.


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Musical Tune

Musical Tune is a rich quality music bot easy to use.

The prefix of the bot is m!.

Created by Rajat Mishra

Command Description
play [song name] Plays a song from given playlist or YouTube link
pause It pauses the music.
resume It resumes the paused music.
bassboost Bassboosts the next song in queue.
nowplaying Shows info about the currently playing song.
skip Skips the current song.
queue View the specified queue page.
queue Shows the next 10 songs in the queue.
repeat [all|current|none] Toggles the repeat mode.
shuffle Randomizes the queue.
skip Skips the current song.
stop Clears the queue and halts playback.
unqueue [index] Unqueues the song at the specified position.
invite Gives the invite link of the Musical Tune.
vote Gives the link of the page where you can vote Musical Tune.
stats Gives the information about Musical Tune.

User Reviews


Based on 8 reviews

avatar of PIKACHU
PIKACHU 2 months ago

Good bot but needs to improve 24/7 feature


avatar of Petter
Petter 2 months ago

Bot is good but left my server idk why


avatar of Goseale
Goseale 2 months ago

Good bot but can you not require the entire list of permissions, thx


avatar of Lametar
Lametar 21 days ago

Ganz gut, bis auf das er sich manchmal aufhängt


avatar of 🦇editoR.Bat🦇

The rating is lower than it should be. Great bot. The single 1 star review is completely invalid, you do not need to join their server for the bot to function and all of the permissions it requests are reasonable.


avatar of Ōzeki Brian (豪栄道 豪太郎 - 髙安 晃)

Horrible bot. Requires a whole bunch of permissions that no other bot i've ever tried as required. Then to top it off, you have to join their server, and if you leave as I did then the bot will leave your server. There are way better music bots out there that don't require a paragraph of permissions and the creator doesn't require you to stay in his server to use it.

avatar of Musical Tune
Musical Tune 2 months ago

Absolutely bullshit bot does not require whole bunch of permissions and you don't have to join the server to use the bot

Replying to Ōzeki Brian (豪栄道 豪太郎 - 髙安 晃)