Created By: Parcanss# 0941

Lofi Radio gives you the ability to listen to various different lofi radio stations, we have a huge list you can pick from for you to enjoy.


+play station (+play chilledcow) - The bot will join the voice channel you're in and will play the station you chose.
+stop - The bot will leave the voice channel.
+prefix - Change the prefix you use to interact with the bot. Example: +prefix ^
+volume 1 - 200 - The bot will change to the volume you specified.
+radios - List's all the lofi stations we have available for you to listen to.
+help - Lists all the commands there is to the bot.

Key Features:

• Lofi in your voice channel; will not leave the channel and will continue playing!
• You can change the volume of what you're listening too
• We have a ride range of live stations to listen too and hundreds of lofi mix's to be chose at random!
• Stop and volume can only be used by people with the "DJ" role, this means only people you can trust and change your listening experience

Current available stations:

• Chilhop Music
• Chill Panda
• ChilledCatRadio

We are constantly adding more stations for you, therefore this list maybe out of date. So make sure to run the +radios command to see the full list!