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Heya! I'm Luna!

I'm a semi-customizable with lots of features planned to be put forward in the future. At the moment (as of 6/18/19), I have 45 enabled commands, with 48 commands total. I will be sometimes be toggled online and offline in spastic intervalsas I'm still in development, but for the most part, I will be online.

As of November 29th, 2019, I have the following (73, including the hidden developer commands) commands.


Music - Play music anywhere, anytime.
Woof - Get an image of a cute doggo!
Why - Get a why question from the servers. Usercount - Get the user-bot ratio (and the amount of humans in your discord!)
Urban - Search up something on Urban Dictionary!
StealAvatar - Steal someones avatar!
RollTheDice - Roll the dice and get a value from 1 to 6.
RegionalIndicator - Convert a message to regional indicator icons.
OwOify - Conyvewts a message inyto owo-speech! UwU
Nekogif - Get an animated image of a coot catgirl! uwu
Lizard - mlem
Kemonomimi - Get an image of a (discount) catgirl.
Holo - Get an image of the best waifu from Spice and Wolf!
Foxgirl - Get an image of a fox girl that IS SOMEHOW MORE RELATED TO DOGS THAN CATS--sorry.
Feed - Get a (possibly animated) image of something/someone being fed!
Fact - Get a random fact from.. who knows where?
Coinflip - Flip a coin!
Chat - Have a discussion with the bot!
CatText - Get an text-emoji of a cat!
Cat - blep
8Ball - Get a reading from the magical 8 ball!


Settings - Configure server settings.
RemoveRole - Remove a role whether by ID or name.
CreateInvite - Create an invite with the arguments provided.
AddRole - Create a role.


Tickle - Show your awkward affection to someone!
Smug - Show your superiority over a peasant.
Poke - Hey, wake up!
Pat - Headpats for everyone! No discrimination!
Kiss - Send love to your friends and significant other(s?)
Cuddle - Send love (but less romantic) to your friends and significant other(s?????)
Baka - B-Baka!!
Profile - Show your profile info!


Unban - Unban someone from ID.
RemotePost - Post in one channel, the output goes into another! Useful for setting up rules.
Purge - Purge messages! This command will not work if messages older than 2 weeks are being deleted.

Image Editing!

Swirl - Swirlify an image! Swooorlieeee!
Sepia - Oldify an image. Back to 1992!
Resize - Resize an image. Loss of quality is your liability.
Posterize - Uh. It.. posterizes an image? I just wanted to add full support for the library. No idea what this does.
Pixelate - Retro mode!
Opaque - Removes transparency from an image.
Normalize - Read "Posterize" command.
Invert - Blue becomes red.. red becomes blue.. white becomes bla--where was I going with this, again?
Greyscale - BACK TO 1443 BABY--oh wait, more like 1983. SAME DIFFERENCE!
GaussianBlur - You consumed too much alcohol. Look at what you've done. Great job, dummy.
Flop - Vertically flip an image.
Flip - Horizontally flip an image.
Edge - Sharpen your image.
Dither - Reduce your image quality for some reason.
Contrast - Make your color less or more noticable.
Brightness - L E T T H E R E B E L I G H T.


Shutdown - Shutdown the bot.
SetPresence - Set the playing status of the bot.
Restart - Reload all commands in the /commands/ folder.
Reload - Reload a command.
PrintEnmap - Print certain enmap data.
Evaluate - Execute arbitrary code.

Miscellaneous! o-o
That's a big word!

Uptime - Get the amount of days/years/weeks/seconds the bot has been up.
SetStatus - Set the playing status of the bot (Developer only!)
Ping - Check the connection of the bot to the Discord API.
MyPermission - Get your permission level!
Help - Opens the help document.

English-Japanese Language Exchange Discord
Japanese Verb Conjugator
エンジョイ! ♥


Please treat me well!

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