Morsunist Project


Music, Moderation, Economy, Roleplay and More.

Morsunist Project Commands Prefix: m.

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Morsunist Project

Built with love and precision.


  • Multi-language support. Fully translated in English and Polish. (You can add your language by joining our support server and becoming a translator)
  • Play music. (, m.queue, m.stop and more..)
  • Roleplay actions. (m.pat, m.hug, m.slap)
  • Play Minigames! (m.minesweeper, m.bomb, m.rps and more..)
  • Moderation commands: m.mute, m.ban, m.prune
  • Character card and items! (m.character,
  • Check anime information with m.anime.
  • Levels and Economy. (m.profile,
  • And more features to discover!