Your personal Helper with Moderation, Administration, Music and Fun!

recently changed name to Nova, will change this text soon ;)

Welcome to KappaBot! Kappa

What is Kappa?

Kappa is your Discord Server Helper with over 40 commands!

Kappa is a Discord Moderator, that can also be a parrot, play Music or just use him for a quick game of TicTacToe!

What can he do?

He has some powerful and useful commands that will help your life on a server!

What Languages does he Support?

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Czech
  • Russian

Some Example Commands:

  • !play [URL or Name] - play some cool Music
  • !help - gives all commands
  • !lang - changes the language of Kappa
  • !meme - send some dank Memes
  • !mute [USER] - Mutes a User
  • !tempmute [USER] {TIME} - Mutes a User for the ammount of Time
  • !suggest - suggest things to the Devs
  • !bug - report the bugs

Why should you invite him to your server?

enter image description hereThats easy to answer…
…he can play music
…he can clean up messy Channels
…he can help ya ban the bad guys
…u can let him speak

Planned for the Future:

Even more features!

  • Music Commands
  • automatic TicTacToe Game
  • Custom Commands
  • Web Overlay


Just contact us here: [email protected]