Your personal Helper with Moderation, Administration, Music and Fun!

NovaBot V4

Our most Innovative Bot running on Discord.JS 12.

General Infomartion

What is Nova?

Nova is a Discord Bot created by HammerTechnik for the Community to assist and help!

Who made Nova?

Nova is created by the HammerTechnik Development Team.
We are a Team of 3 People:
Hammer1279 | Vixel | Martin

What is his use?

Nova can help you all around, if it is to Moderate your Server, play Music or to stay connected via our Globalchat.


  • !rank: Check your Rank
  • !leaderboard Show the leaderboard of your Server
  • !config Set up and change settings for Nova
  • !phone Talk with other People over Cross Server
  • !status Show some Stats about Nova
  • !version Show Nova’s Version Info
  • !meme Show you some good Memes


  • !ban Ban a Annoying User
  • !clear Delete Messages in Bulk
  • !infractions List Infractions of you or an User
  • !kick Kick a Annoying User
  • !warn Warn a Annoying User


  • !join: Join the Voice Channel you are in!
  • !leave: Leaves the Voice Channel you are in!
  • !np: Shows now playing song
  • !pause: Pauses playing music.
  • !play: Play some Music.
  • !search: Searches YouTube video to play.
  • !queue: Shows queue of music.
  • !resume: Resumes the Music
  • !skip: Skips current song
  • !volume: Change the Volume of the Music



  • join [Radio Channel] - Subscribe to a Radio Channel
  • leave - Unsubscribe to a Radio Channel
  • play [Radio Channel] <Song> <Codec> - Play a Radio Channel Global *
  • volume [Radio Channel] [Volume] - Change the Volume of a Radio Channel Global

Upcoming Updates

  • Premium Overhaul
  • New Music System (V2)
  • New Moderation (V2)
  • Tempmute and Tempban
  • Userphone
  • Web Dashboard

Need some Help or have Questions?

Visit us here: Discord Support
Or send us a E-Mail: HammerTechnik

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