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Your personal Helper with Moderation, Administration, Music and Fun!


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NovaBot V4

Our most Innovative Bot running on Discord.JS 12.

General Infomartion

What is Nova?

Nova is a Discord Bot created by HammerTechnik for the Community to assist and help!

Who made Nova?

Nova is created by the HammerTechnik Development Team.
We are a Team of 3 People:
Hammer1279 | Vixel | Martin

What is his use?

Nova can help you all around, if it is to Moderate your Server, play Music or to stay connected via our Globalchat.

How to change its Behaviour:

  • !config: Change Settings for your Server
  • General:

    • !rank: Check your Rank
    • !leaderboard Show the leaderboard of your Server
    • !config Set up and change settings for Nova
    • !phone Talk with other People over Cross Server
    • !status Show some Stats about Nova
    • !version Show Nova’s Version Info
    • !meme Show you some good Memes


    • !ban Ban a Annoying User
    • !clear Delete Messages in Bulk
    • !infractions List Infractions of you or an User
    • !kick Kick a Annoying User
    • !warn Warn a Annoying User


    • !join: Join the Voice Channel you are in!
    • !leave: Leaves the Voice Channel you are in!
    • !np: Shows now playing song
    • !pause: Pauses playing music.
    • !play: Play some Music.
    • !search: Searches YouTube video to play.
    • !queue: Shows queue of music.
    • !resume: Resumes the Music
    • !skip: Skips current song
    • !volume: Change the Volume of the Music



    • join [Radio Channel] - Subscribe to a Radio Channel
    • leave - Unsubscribe to a Radio Channel
    • play [Radio Channel] <Song> <Codec> - Play a Radio Channel Global *
    • volume [Radio Channel] [Volume] - Change the Volume of a Radio Channel Global

    Upcoming Updates

    • Premium Overhaul
    • New Music System (V2)
    • New Moderation (V2)
    • Tempmute and Tempban
    • Userphone
    • Web Dashboard

    Need some Help or have Questions?

    Visit us here: Discord Support
    Or send us a E-Mail: HammerTechnik

    Want to get Updates?

    Visit us on Medium
    Or Visit our Discord Server

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