Five is a multi-purpose bot centered on its music part, it offers the highest music quality and supports more than 5 different platforms

Five is a multi-purpose discord bot, as its name, Five has 5 essential features ; Moderation, Music, Utility (random cool commands), Core and Fun commands

Five can stream and play music from many platform including Youtube, Twitch, Mixer, Soundcloud ...

What is the goal of Five ? The goal of Five is to be the only bot you will ever need on your server.

Prefix : *

Five Core Features :

info: Information about the bot.

profile: Information about yourself or another member.

serverinfo: Information about the server that invoke this command.

note: Provide syntax convention in help and help-all.

report: Report a bug or suggest a feature for the bot.

changelog: Show the latest 10 changes of the bot.

help: Show compact help about a command, or a category.

help-all: Show help about the bot, a command, or a category.

Five Music Features :


connect: Connect to a voice channel.

play: Play or queue a song with the given query.

pause: Pause the currently playing song.

resume: Resume a currently paused player.

skip: Skip the currently playing song.

stop: Stop the player and clear all internal states.

volume: Change the players volume, between 1 and 100.

shuffle: Shuffle the players queue.

equalizer: Change the players equalizer.

queue: Display the players queued songs.

nowplaying: Update the player controller.

swap_dj: Swap the current DJ to another member in the voice channel.

Five Moderation Features :

kick: Kick a member.

warn: Warn a member.

mute: Mute a member.

unmute: Unmute a muted member.

unwarn: Unwarn a warned member.

clear: Remove specific amount of messages.

ban: Ban a member in the server.

hackban: Ban a user outside the server.

unban: Unban a user.

Five Utility Features :

ping: Show the latency of the bot.

dice: Roll a dice for you.

binary: Convert stuff to and from binary

vote: Create an easy poll

poll: Create a poll!

say: Repeat what you say.

calc: A mini calculator that calculate almost everything.

embed: Send a full-featured rich embed.

shorten: Shortens a URL.

pixelate: Pixelates an image.

blur: Blurs an image or custom emoji.

password: Generates a random password string for you

covid19: Get the latest stats for coronavirus.

hastebin: Post code to hastbin.

emojilist: Get a list of custom emotes on the server.

emojiconv: Returns the inputted message, converted to emojis

Five Fun Features :

how: An ultimate measurement to measure everything.

meme: Get a random meme.

triggered: Make an image TRIGGERED.

talk: Make the bot talk to you!


8ball: Consult the wise one about your deepest ruminations...

clyde: Make Clyde say something!

slot: Roll the slot machine

recaptcha: Recaptchafy an image.

pokemon: Search for a pokémon in the Pokédex.

slap: Slaps a member

spank: Spank a member