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Multi-function and very easy-to-use bot available in English and in French. Moderation | Reaction role | Server Management | Infos | Fun


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A discord bot in progress
It's a moderation, utility and fun bot an it has a lot of commands.
It's available in English and in French.

Here is the list of its commands:

  • Infos and OthersInfos and Others
    • &help [command*]: To get a list of all the bot commands
    • &botInfo: All information on &Stunning
    • &servInfo: All information on a server.
    • &userInfo [user*]: All information on a user.
    • &setUserLanguage [en or fr]: To set the language of &Stunning when it speaks to you
    • &setPostIt [text] / postIt: To save a text you want to retrieve later
    • &bug [bug/error]: To prevent the bot owner a problem or an error in connection with the bot
    • &suggestion [message]: To transmit to the bot owner a suggestion
  • Moderation Moderation
    • &kick [member] [reason*]: To kick a member from a server
    • &ban [member] [reason*] / unban [member id] [reason*]: To ban/unban a member from a server
    • &mute [member] [time in hour*] [reason*] / unmute [member] [reason*]: To mute/unmute a member (a muted member can't send messages or speak in a voice channel)
    • &clear [number of messages to delete*]: To delete a certain number of messages in a channel
    • &warn [member] [reason*]/ unwarn [member] [reason*]: To warn a member, after a certain number of warn he will be banned (definable with setWarn, by default 3).
    • &checkWarn:To see which members have received warns and how many
  • Server Management Server management
    • &setGuildLanguage [fr or en]: To change the server language used by the bot
    • &setPrefix [new prefix]: To change the bot prefix in this server
    • &blockCommand [command name] / unblockCommand [command name]: To block/unblock a command of this bot in a server
    • &survey [question/message]: To make surveys
    • &setWarn [number]: To define the number of warnings a member must receive to be banned
    • &setChannel [join/leave/logs] [here/stop]: To activate one of the following channels:
      1. Join: welcome messages for the members who join the server
      2. Leave: goodbye messages for the members who leave the server
      3. Logs: the server logs
      To enable one of them, you must send in the desired channel the command withhere (example: &setChannel logs here)
      And to disable one of them, you must send in a channel the command with stop (example: &setChannel logs stop)
  • Role Management Role Management
    • &reactionRole: To create a reaction-role message.
    • &createRole [hoist*] [name]: To create a role. (at the paramater hoist you must put nothing or true or false))
    • &deleteRole [@role / role name] / unblockCommand [command name]: To delete a role
    • &addRole [@role] [@member]: To add a role to a member
    • &removeRole [@role] [@member]: To remove a role to a member
  • fun Fun
    • &gmn: He thinks about a number and you must try to find it
    • &morpion [@secondPlayer*]: To play tic-tac-toe (if you mention nobody, you will play against the bot)
    • &randomSentence: Send a totally random sentence
    • &hangman: To play the hangman game
    • &weirdWord [multi*]: He mixes a word and you have to find the original word in a limited time. To play together, do weirdWord multi

(* = optionnal)

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