A new multifunctional " nuko" bot!

Daikichi Commands Prefix: "!s " or mention

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Created By: yuto0214w# 6130

This Bot Powers the Following Communities:

He's a multifunctional " nuko" bot that can do a lot of things!

Q. What do you mean by "a lot of things"?

A. For example...

・He can stream music from YouTube!

・He can find out more about the user (Days since the user joined the server, Can user kick-BAN, ID, etc...) you mentioned!

・He can generate password for your vault!

・You can order nuko images or draw a fortune!

He's going to make your math homework easy...

He can answer to the mode, median and trigonometric functions!

Q. How can I show the help?

A. You can use !s help or @Daikichi#6336 help!


Q. "たくさんのこと"って具体的に?

A. 例えば...

・YouTube から音楽を配信したりできます!

・言及した相手の詳しい情報 (サーバーに参加してからの日数、キックBANができるかどうか、ID、etc...) を知ることができます!





Q. はい、はい!どうやってヘルプを表示すればいいんですか!?

A. そんなあなたには !s help@Daikichi#6336 help が役立つでしょう。


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