Jan Ken

Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with 3 cute girls, play Connect 4 with friends and a Kawaii greeter for when new members join!

Created By: Nazrin# 7667

Jan Ken Bot

Jan Ken Bot originally was desgined to allow you to play rock-paper-scissors with 3 cute girls but, has grown to also...

  • Allow 2 users to play cute Connect 4.
  • One of the girls can send a cute randomized greeting when a new user joins your server. (IF ENABLED)
  • Random encounters in which one of the girls will challenge a user to a game of Jan Ken. (IF ENABLED)

If you need some help, want to request a feature or just leave some feedback please join our server.
More features will be added overtime with the main theme being "Kawaii"

Jan Ken Pon (Rock-Paper-Scissors) ~ How To Play

Do you want to play Rock-Paper-Scissors but, you have no IRL friends?... Well never fear, 2D girls are here!
Jan Ken Bot will let you throwdown with 3 cute girls, who are from "Is The Order A Rabbit?", as if you was playing with a real person.

Type in the j! command (see below) then, get your hand ready because after you see "Ready Set" the game of Rock-Paper-Scissors begins and one of the girls will play the game with you!

After the game, The girl will disappear and be replaced with a short message detailing her choice (so you aren't spammed with gifs) and a replay button will appear.

Commands For Normal Play


Challenge any of the girls

j! maya

Challenge Maya.

j! chino

Challenge Chino.

j! megumi

Challenge Megumi.

j! help

Display help.

j! random help

Display help dialogue for Random Encounters feature (more details below).

j! greeter help

Display help dialogue for the custom greeter (more details below).

Cute Connect 4 (Beta)

This will allow 2 users to play Cute Connect 4 in a mobile friendly, elegant fasion.


j! connect4

Initiates a Connect 4 game!

j! connect4m

Start a game without profile pictures for smaller mobile screens

1 - Each user will be given a choice of coloured hearts to use as thier token. Simply use emoji to pick which heart you would like!

2 - When it's your turn your image will apear in the top right and you can use the number emoji to select the column where you want to drop your heart token. If a column becomes filled, then the option to use it will be removed.

3 - The bot will remove the emoji and congratulate the winner (unless it's a draw of course!)

Custom Kawaii Greeter!

This feature enables various greetings from each of the girls when a new user joins your server and they come in either a large or short format. (Only the server owner can edit this feature.)

Disclaimer: I'm still in the middle of making these and have another 13 (minimum) to do but, there's 6 unique greetings available so far...

Large Greetings Format...

Small Greetings Format...

How to Configure...

j! greeter enable [OPTIONS]

Enables the greetings. By default, they will appear on the system channel, it will use large and short format greetings and @everyone WILL NOT be mentioned

Here are the options to override the default settings...


This parameter will make the bot only send greetings in their short format if the large ones are too untidy for you!


The greeting will @ mention everyone when a new user joins... People will love you for enabling this!


This overrides the use of the system channel and instead puts the greeting in the channel you typed the command in so, you can separate your Nitro Boost messages from your greetings.

j! greeter disable

Turn off the custom greetings.

Here's an example of the command being used...

Random Encounters!

With this feature, one of the girls may challenge a user (who's active in chat) to a game of Janken and they will have 20 seconds to accept or decline to request using the emoji on the message. The emoji will disappear after the 20 seconds are up or if the challenged user clicks on one of them.

This is only enabled in the Channels you tell Jan Ken Bot to watch and it's configurable so that you can tailor it to best suit your servers needs based on the size and how active members are. Only the server owner can edit this feature.

How to Configure...

j! random enable [OPTIONS]

Enables random encounters on the channel you're sending this command in. If no options are given then default values are used.
Here are the options if you wish to change one or all of the defaults...


Set the time needed to elapse before another challenge can occur (in seconds). The default time is 1 hour (3600 seconds).


Set the minimum number of messages that need to be posted in a channel before another challenge can occur. The default number of messages is 125


Set probability factor, a probability of 10 would give the bot a 1 in 10 chance of sending a challenge upon the next message. This test isn't done on every message, instead it's done periodically after a random amount of time has passed. The default for this is 25

Here's an example of the command being used fully...

j! random add-channel

Use this command in another channel to add it to the watch list. You'll need to enable a first channel (See above) before you can add additional channels.

j! random remove-channel

Use this command in the channel you wish to remove from being watched, if you remove the last channel being watched then this function will be disabled.

j! random time=[NUMBER]

Adjust the minimum wait time between challenges after the function has been enabled. The NUMBER needs to be in seconds. Here's a cheat sheet;
3600 = 1 hour | 1800 = 30 minutes | 300 = 5 minutes

j! random min-msg=[NUMBER]

Adjust the minimum number of messages that need to be posted between challenges after the function has been enabled.

j! random probability=[NUMBER]

Adjust the probability factor after the function has been enabled. The NUMBER needs to be a whole number

j! random disable

Use to disable the feature (all custom settings will remain saved so, you don't have to configure it all again).

Jan Ken Bot is a fan-made pastiche (celebration) of 3 characters from GochiUsa, inspired by the last scenes in the Season 2 ending "Tokimeki Poporon" and released under fair use. The background is promotional artwork to advertise the Kirara Max March 2018 issue and can be found here or on the Kirara twitter handle. Jouga Maya, Kafuu Chino and Natsu Megumi are owned by Koi.

This is 100% Kawaii. Also, 100% FBI unapproved... ...You've been warned!