Created By: Roki_100# 0230


Bass is high quality music bot that does strong bass boost natively, 512kbps, zero distortions in music.

Invite Bass now using this URL!

If you have found any bug/issue with Bass please send informations about it in our support server!

Support for Bass in any channel on support server.


  • Bass boost filter
  • 8D filter
  • 4deep filter
  • Nightcore filter
  • Vaporwave filter
  • Echo filter
  • Tremolo filter
  • Pulsator filter
  • Surround filter
  • Chorus filter
  • Karaoke filter
  • Multi-Language support
  • Supports adding channels/playlists to queue
  • TTS in file

and more!

Bass is currently translated to:

  • English (US) (Native)
  • Dutch
  • Polish
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Turkish
  • Portuguese
  • Italian


bass!invite - Invite Bass to your server

bass!ping - Pong!

bass!shard - Shows info about shards/clusters

bass!stats - Shows stats about Bass

bass!support - Support server for help with Bass

bass!translators - Shows every translator that helped translating bass to other languages

bass!eval - Evaluates given code (Bot Owner)

bass!say - Bass repeats given message (Bot Owner)

bass!4deep - Toggles 4deep audio filter

bass!8d - Toggles 8D audio filter

bass!bass - Changes bass boost strength

bass!bitrate - Changes music bitrate/quality

bass!clear - Clears queue

bass!echo - Toggles echo audio filter

bass!loop - Loops current song/queue

bass!nightcore - Toggles nightcore audio filter

bass!nowplaying - Shows currently playing song

bass!pause - Pauses song

bass!play - Plays song

bass!prev - Shows recently played song

bass!queue - Shows current song queue

bass!resume - Resumes song

bass!shuffle - Shuffles queue

bass!skip - Skips currently playing song

bass!stop - Stops playing, clears queue and leaves voice channel

bass!vaporwave - Toggles vaporwave audio filter

bass!volume - Changes volume

bass!tts - Sends Text to Speech in file

bass!lang - Changes server language/shows current language (Manage server)

bass!prefix - Changes servers prefix/shows current prefix (Manage server)

Bass is still being improved and can be bugged in some way!

Written with ❤ By Roki_100#0230 in 2019 & 2020

Support server:

Bass Logo/Branding is fully made for Bass. Copying/editing/reusing/related is NOT allowed. Registered & Protected