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Free Games On Steam discord bot will share free game deals on your discord server . It shares free Steam , Epic games , Humble Bundle, itchio , indiegala , games .
Click Here for a list of commands
You can set prefix and language of bot also you can set categories you want. Also we recomend admin lock (other users can't change bot settings.).


Dicord bot help command

!change command

You can set in which text channel you want to receive free game deals with !change

!cat command

Dicord bot cat command
!cat You can set from which categories you want to receive free game deals with !cat

!admin command

!admin !admin is the command for admin lock. You can choose users of which roles can change the bot's settings. We recommend that you use this feature. Here are the steps to activate admin lock:

  1. Check roles: !admin roles
  2. Give permission to the role you want: !admin [role-id] on
  3. Activate admin lock: !admin active

    !prefix command

    !prefix You can set bot prefix. for example : !prefix . -> try .help

!notify command

!notify is the command for enable notifications. You can choose user roles for tagging by bot. When bot shares a new free game, It tags theese roles. Here are the steps to activate notifications
1. !notify (it shows all user roles)
2. !notify [order-of-role] on (for example !notify 1 on)

!lang command

Dicord bot lang command
You can change language of the bot.
Free games discord bot supports English Turkish, Italian, Portuguese, German and Russian.
Full list -> !lang
English -> (Default language) !lang eng
Turkish -> !lang tr
Italian -> !lang ita
Portuguese -> !lang por
!lang de -> set bot language in German
!lang ru -> set bot language in Russian
Here List of all languages supported by the Bot: !lang [lang-tag]
1. English --> eng :ballot_box_with_check:
2. Türkçe --> tr ( !lang tr )
3. Italiano --> ita ( !lang ita )
4. Português --> por ( !lang por )
5. Deutsch --> de ( !lang de )
6. Русский --> ru ( !lang ru )

Free Steam Games Discord bot .