The nordic goddess of love and fertility now let's you create a profile and 'swipe' on people across all the servers of discord!

Created By: Hampe# 6969

Freya let's you create a personalized profile, and let's you swipe and match with other registered users across discord!

It's a matchmaking bot, with versatile image rendering to please the eye!

I'm not responsible for any false information, pictures or claims used or made by the registered users (catfishes for instance)

Common commands

  • create - Create yourself a profile
  • matches - Go through the people you've matched with
  • filter - Let's you apply certain filters for more specific users to be displayed when swiping
  • edit - Edit your profile (Limited if you're verified)
  • profile - Display your profile
  • swipe - Start 'swiping' on other registered users
  • help - Some description of the bot, and how to use the commands