A multi-purpose Discord.js / Discord.js-Commando bot

Little-Oop Commands Prefix: oop

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Fun & Games Commands

Command Usage Description
flip oopflip Flips a coin, landing on Heads or Tails
roll ooproll [value] Rolls a six sided die or value

Image Commands

Command Usage Description
Cat oopcat Posts a picture of a random cat
Dog oopdog Posts a picture of a random dog
Neko oopneko Posts a picture of a random neko
Gif Search oopgifsearch [args] Posts a gif that the user searches for
Dog Gif oopgifdog Posts a gif of a dog
Cat Gif oopgifcat Posts a gif of a cat
Neko Gif oopgifneko Posts a gif of a neko

Roleplay Commands

Command Usage Description
blush oopblush [@user] Blushes at a User
boop oopboop [@user] Boops a User
cuddle oopcuddle [@user] Cuddles a User
hug oophug [@user] Hugs a User
kiss oopkiss [@user] Kisses a User
qt oopqt [@user] Tells a member they are cute
cry oopcry [@user] Crys at a user

Music Commands

Command Usage Description
Play ooplay [args/url] Searches and plays a term the user puts or plays the url the user puts
Stop oopstop Stops the music
Skip oopskip Skips the current song in the queue
Resume oopresume Resumes the music from where it was paused at
Queue oopqueue Shows the current music queue
Pause ooppause Pauses the Music