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A free multifunction bot that does everything. Make your server stand out with all new impressive features to keep users safe and active.


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The next generation of Discord Bots. Simplified.


Keep your server safe with Sublime Guard, an advanced moderation system with verification (to make sure your server members aren’t bots), automoderation to keep your server away from raiders and manual commands like ban, kick and warn. Sublime also has Sublime Support, an easy ticket system for everyone to use. Create, close and reply to tickets. Lots of utilities are included with Sublime. See impressive user data, check someone’s avatar or create a poll. Also, Sublime now has a global levelling & XP system. Typing will give you more xp, no matter the server. Your level is synced across all of your servers. To setup all these modules is Sublime Config, an easy way to configure your server quickly. Commands start with config, like s!configverify to setup verification. Loads of more features also come with Sublime, like anime image and gif commands, fun commands like slots, and a profile system where you can extend your profile with an about me, your likes and nationality. To see this bots commands and more, use s!help.


This amazing bot is 100% free. In future we will offer premium plans, a way to support us and get some sweet perks. We will always keep the core functionality of Sublime free forever. It was developed by Croft, a small programming group. We innovate new ideas to improve people's lives with tech.


  • Sublime Guard - Keeps your server safe
  • Sublime Support - A complete, easy ticket system
  • Sublime Config - A simple way to configure your server
  • Utilities - See avatars, user-info or create polls
  • Levelling - Chat more, get higher ranks & levels
  • Profiles - Add likes, about me and a nationality
  • Anime - Image commands like pokes, pats and more
  • Fun & Generators - Flip a coin, roll a dice, ask an 8ball
  • Verification - A 3 step way to verify that users are not bots

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