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Created By: MeHead# 1776

Crescendo Discord Bot

Crescendo Bot brings your server commands to display information about League of Legends!


 There are plenty of commands to display league stats to your server!
- Display the rank's for all queues of any player in any region!
- Find out stats for all the players in your live game!
- Show your champion mastery leader board and see which chests you still can unlock!
- See the free to play champion rotation for the week!
- Display the number of games two summoners have played together!
- Calculate an estimate for the number of hours you have played League of Legends!
- Get a link to read the current patch notes and even options to display past patch notes!

There are also other features!
- Create easy polls for your members to vote on with reactions!
- Swap hyphen's to spaces in text channel names!
- Find command to easily mention a user in the same server!
- Edit the text channel topic and easily add both default, custom and animated emojis!

The Bot only supports English, and there is a discord server you can join for more help!

With 24/7 bot hosting and constant rapid updates, Crescendo Bot will not let you down!

Some Example Usage and Output!

?Profile EUW Azulu701

?Live NA Seriesr

?PlayedWith EUW MeHead Maxs

The commands and inputs are all also case insensitive for easy use!

Try Crescendo Bot today, and improve your League Discord Server! Good Luck Summoner!