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Music commands

Hi everyone, I am so happy to announce the release of a music system cheering your server even more! Music commands released: =play =stop =skip =pause =resume =repeat =nowplaying =queue =remove (remove a music from the queue) =lyrics Hopefully more to come!


Fun Land Fun Land is a totally free bot with the purpose of helping and entertaining servers.

How can Fun Land Help? Well fun land includes:

🎵Music Commands🎵
Enlighten your discord experience with Fun Land Music commands!

⭐️Moderating Commands such as nickname change,polls,mutes,bans,warnings,kicks,slowmode,say,roles,channel delete,lockdowns and so much more!

Instead of manually changing each setting or issue each ban or whatever just ask Fun Land to do so.
What’s even gonna help you more?

Auto Moderation
Keep your servers moderated even when you are offline with the help of Fun Land and never worry of members not abiding by the rules!
Auto Mod includes:

⭐️Advanced and customizable antilink system✅
⭐️Leveling system with role rewards and the ability for server Administrators to add /subtract levels from users✅
⭐️Auto Delete Rude Words✅

A Global Economy
Making it a more interactive bot across all servers featuring many different kinds of commands such as work,hunt,rob,pay,daily,shop and much more are being fixed and added everyday! =help economy for more info

Fun Commands! We even wanted more interaction with the bot so we are creating fun commands!
⭐️Tic-Tac-Toe using buttons
⭐️Ship (love calculator)
⭐️Meme command
⭐️Anime pictures and Anime wave command to wave at your friends! =help fun for more info.

Utility Commands Featuring simple utilities such as a small calculator or more useful ones such as text to image. =help utility for more info.
As you see Fun Land is full of different features (most of them is not even listed here) all you need to do is say =help config and start configuring Fun Land the way you like!

Also note that more commands are being added weekly, right now there’s over 150 commands! alright alright what are you waiting for? invite Fun Land now!

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