A fun, multipurpose chat & moderation bot

Pickle Commands Prefix: ;


Pickle Command List

Command Category Description Permission Usage
about Core Get information about the bot NONE ;about
ascii Fun Convert text to ascii NONE ;ascii <message>
ban Moderation Ban a user from the server BAN_MEMBERS ;ban <user> [reason]
b64decode Utilities Base 64 decode an encoded message NONE ;b64decode <message>
b64encode Utilities Base 64 encode a message NONE ;b64encode <message>
clap Fun Make your message turn into ratchet clap NONE ;clap <message>
8ball Fun Ask the 8ball a random question NONE ;8ball <question>
emojitalk Fun Convert letters into emojis NONE ;emojitalk <message>
encircled Fun Put circles around your letters NONE ;encircled <message>
help Core Get a list of all available commands NONE ;help [command]
invite Core Get an invite link to invite the bot NONE ;invite
joke Fun Get told a random joke NONE ;joke
kick Moderation Kick a user from the server KICK_MEMBERS ;kick <user> [reason]
mock Fun Turn a message into a spongebob mock NONE ;mock
morse Utilities Convert text into morse NONE ;morse <message>
query Fun Query information from an MCPE server NONE ;query <server> [port]
softban Moderation Ban a user from the server without deleting messages BAN_MEMBERS ;softban <user> [message]
unmorse Utilities Convert morse into text NONE ;unmorse <message>
warn Moderation Warn a user for any reason MANAGE_MESSAGES ;warn <user> [reason]
warnings Moderation See a user's warnings MANAGE_MESSAGES ;warnings [user]