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Needed staff for your server? Make your workflow 44% faster by using yourapps for your staff applications!


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YourApps is THE bot that you need!

Have you ever needed to get staff for your discord server? Of course you have!

In that case, you'll have used google forms at some point. If you haven't, consider yourself lucky.

YourApps is THE reliable solution!

Surely you've had this workflow before:

  1. Announce apps are open
  2. Share the link
  3. Wait a few days, occasionally check
  4. Tab out to google forms
  5. Go through each application
  6. Assign roles and delete submission
  7. DM user their approval status
  8. Rinse and repeat step 4-7 until all apps have been reviewed
  9. Close the application, then most likely forget it exists.

Don't lie, you have.

Well with yourapps, this is how much easier it is:

  1. Announce apps are open
  2. Wait a few days
  3. ya?review
  4. Repeat step 3 until all apps have been reviewed.

See how much easier that was? Thats because YourApps is 44% faster than using google forms.

YourApps also has frequent updates and bugfixes. bugs are usually fixed within days (if not hours) of them being reported, and new updates come out 2-5 times a week. Meaning you get the best experience possible, always.

Like discord, we also pledge to keep our core features free. You will always be able to use all of our features, free of charge, forever. Premium will only remove the limits imposed on those few features.

What some of our users said about us:

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Great bot. I love the bot. Once you set it up it is just amazing. It works almost completely, now that some bugs were fixed, and we enjoy having the bot in our server. We are thankful for it.

  • Oldthugs_grim04 @ 21/08/2020 source

An amazing bot. very happy that the devs are fixing all the issues on the spot. My issues were solved within minutes (thanks zanderp and eek)

A lot better than the other application bots C: which I suppose isn't saying much, but it really is a good bot, the devs are friendly (at least eek XD), and basically what the others said, they fix the bugs quickly. Ofc, it could use some work such as the errors (although I know eek is working on that), and the help menus and things, but overall it's a great bot. Compliments to eek for making the bot and working on it so much and so fast

  • The Idiotic Puppy 04/09/2020 source

Great bot, much more reliable than Appbot and application bot. The bugs are quickly fixed and are understandable based on YourApps' age, and it is refreshing to see a bot consistently worked on. [...]

  • GrandCommissarWill @ 04/09/2020 source

I definitely prefer this bot over any other application bot. I think it is well thought out, and the dev team is amazing. Eek, i like how when there's a problem, you're on top of it immediately. (also nice support team :) Great job.

Setting up the bot:

Its rather simple, actually.

  1. Invite the Bot
  2. Run ya?config new (app name) (e.g: ya?config new mod)
  3. Done! Run ya?apply (app name) to apply for it, or run ya?pos to see a list of open apps.

How to actually use the rest of the bot

This is a basic guide, you can figure it out yourself after this. If you need help, Join our support server!

  • use ya?help to see a list of commands that you can use. You can use ya?help (command name) to get it's description and arguments.
  • use ya?pos to see open apps (or if you're an admin, all apps)
  • use ya?apps to see what positions people have applied for
  • use ya?review to review people. You can do ya?review @member to read all of that specific user's submitted apps, or ya?review @member (app name) to review a specific app by the member.
  • use ya?config adminrole @role to set admin role(s).
  • use ya?config log #channel to set a logging channel (where most notifications go)
  • use ya?config arc #channel to set an archive channel, where approved or denied apps will be logged to.

And as always, thanks for choosing yourapps!

some examples of our bot in use:

Creating a position:

Creating a position

Applying for that position:

Applying for that position

Reviewing that submitted application:

Reviewing that submitted application

Display of our appbutton feature:

Display of our appbutton feature

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