MineKing is an "Economy" styled guild bot previously known as "Discord Miner". Housing over 100,000+ unique players as of 2020.

m!start - Receive your pickaxe!
m!mine - Mine ores!
m!repair - Repair your pickaxe with an anvil.
m!help - View the help menu.
m!inventory - Display your inventory.
m!profile - Display your profile.
m!stats - Display your statistics.
m!chest - Get your daily chest!
m!shop boost - Display shop.
m!hunt <time> - Hunt for items!
m!botinfo - View information about the bot.
m!donate - View donation info.
m!eat - Eat foodstuffs.
m!drink - Drink foodstuffs.
m!invite - Invite the bot to your server!
m!support - Join the support server!
m!leaderboard <type> - View leaderboards.
m!ping - View latency between Discord and the current shard.