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ChilledBot is a discord bot playing lofi hip hop music 24/7.


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V3 is out !

We've officially released the V3! See the updated list of commands below this announcement to see what's changed (: ChilledBot will no longer leave the VC when he's alone (he used to be scared of the dark) We've also added stage channels compatibility (you'll need to click "invite to speak" on the bot though) (beta) The database has been changed, so you will need to re-invite the bot to your channel. There might be some bugs, so feel free to report them to us at


ChilledBot is a discord bot playing lofi hip hop music 24/7. You can use the bot to listen to lofi in the background while talking with your friends or just listen to lofi to relax 😴.

Here is the list of its commands:

!!help - Sends the list of the bot's commands.

!!join - Plays a hip hop lofi playlist 24 hours a day.

!!leave - Stop playing and quit the voice channel.

!!volume <10 to 200> - Sets the volume of the music.

!!lang <lang> - Sets the language of the bot.

!!prefix <new-prefix> - Sets the bot's new prefix for the server.

!!dj <on/off> - Toggles DJ mode on the server.

!!dj <add/remove> <@role> - Adds or remove a role to DJ list.

!!nowplaying - Shows the current song the bot is playing.

!!invite - Gives the link to invite the bot in your discord server.

!!support - Gives the support server's link.

If you are experiencing any issue with the bot, please contact us through our Support Server.

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