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Citizen WikiBot

A Discord bot for Star Citizen players. You can search informations regarding Orgs, Citizens, Ships, Starmap, Articles and StarCitizen lore. It is rapped around starcitizen-api, galactapedia and fleetyards


Admin Commands


Set Bot Prefix ex: !prefixset <character>

Common Commands

!purge (needs "MANAGE_MESSAGES" permission)

Clean messages from channel ex: !purge <number>


Server stats ex: !server


List of bot commands ex: !help


Bot info.


List with all commands.

starcitizen-api Commands


Search ship data ex: !ship <ship name>


Search ships with filter ex: !ships <search arg>


Searches and display info about a player ex: !handle <handle name>


Get a List of Starsystems or a specific Starsystem. ex: !starsystems or !starsystems <name>


Search with SID for Org info ex: !orgs <SID>


SC Roadmap ex: !roadmap 3.12 1


  • 1 = Core Tech,
  • 2 = Gameplay,
  • 3 = Characters,
  • 4 = Locations,
  • 5 = AI,
  • 6 = Ships and Vehicles,
  • 7 = Weapons and Items


SC Roadmap ex: !roadmap 3.12


Search Jumpoints ex: !tunnels <search arg> or !tunnels <code>


SC Stats ex: !stats


Search for Star Objects ex: !starobjects <search arg> or !starobjects <name>

Galactapedia Commands


Search article by title ex: !search <title>


Galactapedia categories list ex: !categories


View article titles from a categorie ex: !search_cat <category>


Latest five articles ex: !latest


Five random articles ex: !random


Five random articles ex: !tags


View article titles from a tag ex: !search_tag <tag> Commands


Search stations per celestial object ex: !stations <celestia object>

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