What is Aiyu?

Aiyu is a cute, multi-purpose bot capable of helping you manage and run your server! Aiyu is written in discord.js and was released in Jun 7, 2020. She's regularly maintained and updated so expect more features to come!

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In case you're wondering, then yes it does cost money to keep Aiyu running 24/7 and even more if I choose to expand some of her features therefore any and all donations are deeply appreciated! ♡

• Moderation •

Aiyu is able to mute, kick, ban users who violate the rules of your server! All these actions come with a built-in appeal system for them to be able to contact the staff whether they're in the server or not. Aiyu also allows you to warn users and comes with her own log system!

• Reaction Roles •

Get to know your members and engage them in your server with Aiyu! She can make it easy for your members to assign and unassign roles just by simply reacting with an emote!

• Tickets •

Create your own tickets either using reacions or commands! This allows you to choose which roles will be able to see a certain category of ticket and comes with a cooldown to avoid spam!

• Confessions •

Allow completely anonymous confessions in your server! Confessions are handled in Aiyu's DMs so there is no room for message logs. You can also moderate the confessions but still keep the author's identity private!

• Partnerships •

Aiyu let's you have custom autoresponders for your server's partners & affilates. She also provides a weekly/total leaderbaord and a blacklist manager! You can also set partner/affiliate cooldowns indicating how many times a PM/AM can partner the same server with yours!

• Staff •

Easily manage promotions within your staff with Aiyu's promotion manager! This comes with a customizable and automatic nickname updater and logs the users who have been promoted/demoted!

• Commands •

The following are a couple of Aiyu's core commands:

appeal, ban , fetchinvite, kick , log , mute , prune , report , tempmute , ticket , unban , unmute , warn , addrole , affiliate , apply , autoresponder , blacklist , invitemanager , levelup , partner , promote , promotions, rolereact , roleevents , takerole , vccounter , welcome , xp, about , avatar , embed, export , help , nani , ping , poll, remind , server , setup , suggest , todo , whois , addbal , bal, buy , gift , leaderboard , setbal, shop , work , afk , bday , confess , cuddle , divorce , hug , kiss , marry , pat , poke , profile , say , topic , vent + more

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