Advice Bot


Do you have a server but you don't get any member? With this bot you'll get THOUSANDS of members in your server easily!

Advice Bot Commands Prefix: -

Report Join Support Server

What is Advice Bot for:

Advice Bot has been made to promote servers by using coins, you get those coins by joining to others people server in -servers or by being active on a server where I am in.

How do I make an advertisement of my server?

So easy! You only need to use -advertise [amount] [message] and we will automatically put your server on the list of -servers. The amount is the number of users that will join to the server.

How much time can it take

We can't control that sadly, it will take the time it needs.

Can I advertise servers of friends?

Of course! You don't have to be the owner to make an advertisement of a server.

What's the main command?

Here's the command that will help you know all the commands: -help.