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Moderation, Fun, Music, Radio, Rank, Profession-money System, Log Record, Anime, Pokemon, Media, Social, Turkish-English and more ...


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Kartalkanca bot continues to be updated with new features.

Moderation, Fun, Music, Radio, Profession, Coin System, Anime, Pokemon and more... No need to explain commands. Many features are already evident. How to use and run most commands is explained in detail. Studies continue for registration systems. There are slight problems in the music system but it will be fixed. Soon, our bot will receive not only Turkish language support but also global language support. Every server to which the bot is added, every user we meet benefits us. We will continue to grow together at full speed. Kartalkanca bot aims to have fun and enjoyable time for everyone, and it strives for this. Your feedback is extremely important to us. If problems are encountered, do not forget to use our bug report command! We wish everyone a pleasant time, the Kartalkanca continues to develop. Do not forget to come to my support and entertainment servers!



Moderation, Fun, Music, Radio, Rank, Profession-money System, Log Record, Anime, Pokemon, Turkish-English and more ... There is little by little of everything. Just add the bot to your server and enjoy it. Our bot will easily take care of everything for you.

First of all, thank you for choosing us. The installation phase is not as difficult as it seems. It is in a form to be handled by doing a few operations.

Let's get started then.

  1. Some commands may not work without voting. To prevent this, you can vote on the site here every 12 hours.
  2. Create a channel called "mod-log". K!modlog-setup [#mod-log] select the channel by typing. Delete 1 message to see it working. Please contact if you have any problems. Do not confuse the support server and entertainment server. :) Support Server , Entertainment Server
  3. A role named Muted should be created. But let the name of the role be exactly the same. Role Name Muted
  4. Some commands may be under continuous development. As an example of these. K!capslock | K!swearing [on/off] | K!ads [on/off] | K!lock | K!slow-mode [0/10] | K!snipe
  5. Is it difficult to register people? Do you want the active ones to get their own recording roles from the channel? The easy way to do this is on our bot. K!register-system [on/off] | K!register-channel [#channel] | K!register-role [@role] | After this process, those who use the K!register command in the specified channel will be given a role.
  6. Used to assign a specific role to newcomers to the server. Since its installation is simple, there will be no problems. Use the commands given in order to complete the setup. K!autorole set-channel | K!autorole set-role | Follow these steps to turn off the autorole system. K!autorole reset-channel | K!autorole reset-role

Join our Discord if you have any questions. It's seen as the best option for getting help.

You can come to my entertainment server. Everyone has the right to have fun.

User Commands

Kartalkanca Commands Prefix: K!

  • K!help - It can be a good option to get help.
  • All commands will be added soon.

Admin Commands

  • K!ban [User ID] - It couldn't be easier to push someone away.
  • All commands will be added soon.

Available Sites

Öffne deine Arme für Veränderungen, aber überlasse deine Werte nicht dem Drachen.

Official Rules

    The main purpose of using our bot is to provide convenience.
    It should not be used for bad deeds.
    When a problem is encountered, seek help from the support server rather than fix it yourself.
    Do not behave disrespectfully or disturbing people with the bot.
    Use it to create a fun environment by managing your server.
    If someone is curious about the bot, you can try to introduce the bot to that person.
    Do not try to cause system problems by using commands in a serial manner.

Made by Berkay`Kartalkanca#6269

Visit Kartalkanca Bot's website for more information.

Since everyone has the right to have fun, please also check the server link below.


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