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Masks Automated Discord Dice Interpreter & Explainer! M.A.D.D.I.E is a Discord Bot for Mask: The New Generation RPG by Magpie Games



Maddie has full character support for Masks, and supports all core and expansion playbooks. Allows you to roll any move in the game, manage your labels, conditions, advancements, potential, team pool and more. She supports English and Spanish.

More info on the README.md at https://github.com/harkano/maddie/


!engage - DIRECTLY ENGAGE A THREAT !unleash - UNLEASH YOUR POWERS etc. !moves for more.

Character Management

!create beacon Beacon-man Maddie mundane will create a new character, Beacon-man, that is played by Maddie, that is a beacon and has the initial labels plus one in mundane (All 20 core game and expansion playbooks are supported).

!editlabels mundane freak will shift mundane up and freak(if mundane isn't in +3 and freak in -2 and neither of them is blocked) for the character of the player that sent the message.

!markcondition angry will mark angry if it wasn't already.

!clearcondition will clear angry if it was marked.


To use the team pool you'll need to have a settings file created as described below - then you can use these commands to manage it -

!team - Add a team to the pool !spend - Spend a team from the pool !pool - See what's in the team pool !empty - Reset the team pool to 1


!createsettings en will create a configuration file in english. The other language supported is spanish (es). The is required for any of the below, or for team to work !update_lang es will change the language to the language sent.

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