Pulse has support for Youtube, Spotify, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitch, Vimeo, Mixer and plays them all at the highest possible quality!

Pulse Commands Prefix: @Pulse or p! (customizable)

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Providing the best quality music

Easy commands

No audio lag

Ensures quick responses

99% uptimes

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== p!bassboost

== Set the player's bass boost settings.

== p!clear

== Clears the current queue.

== p!config

== Set the guild's config.

== p!controller

== Set's the message as the player controller.

== p!help

== Displays a list of commands for this bot.

== p!info

== Info and important links about Pulse.

== p!lyrics

== Finds the requested lyrics.

== p!nowplaying

== Displays what the bot is currently playing.

== p!pause

== Makes the bot pause/resume the music currently playing.

== p!ping

== Get the client's latency.

== p!play

== Choose a song/playlist or search for a song from YouTube to add to the song queue.

== p!playnow

== Force plays the provided song index from the queue.

== p!premium

== Sends back the link to the patreon to purchase premium.

== p!queue

== Displays what the current queue is.

== p!station

== Choose a station to add to the song queue.

== p!repeat

== Makes the bot repeat/stop repeating the player.

== p!search

== Search for a song from YouTube to add to the song queue.

== p!seek

== Seeks to the position in the song.

== p!shuffle

== Shuffles the queue.

== p!skip

== Skips the song currently playing.

== p!stats

== Displays the current statistics of Pulse.

== p!stop

== Ends the queue and disconnects from the voice channel.

== p!summon

== Summons the bot to the current channel.

== p!volume

== Adjusts the volume of the bot.