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Toating Bot

A Discord Music Bot using Lavalink.



Toating Bot

Toating Bot is a Discord Music Bot using Lavalink.

Prefix: v!


  • bassboost (Applies a bass filter to the playing music)
  • clear (Clears the queue)
  • help (Help command shows the command and description)
  • invite (Invite link to the bot)
  • lyrics (Get lyrics for the current song using Genius API)
  • nowplaying (Shows info and duration of the current song)
  • pause (Pauses the music)
  • ping (Latency and WS ping)
  • play (Plays a song or playlist from Youtube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer)
  • queue (Show the music queue and now playing.)
  • remove (Removes a song from queue)
  • repeat (Repeats the queue or a song)
  • resume (Resume the current song if paused)
  • search (Searches a given song from user)
  • shuffle (Mixes the queue)
  • skip (Skips the current song to the next one)
  • skipto (Skips the current song to the user chosen one)
  • stats (Basic Bot stats, System and Lavalink)
  • stop (Stops the bot from playing and disconnects from the voice channel)
  • volume (Changes the volume from 0 - 100. Default: 80)
  • join

Special commands

  • kurumi (Website to my next bot thats under development)
  • savage (Link to invite Savage Bot)


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